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Communicating through transformation and change

23-25 February 2021 | Sydney

It’s been a tough year for communications professionals around Australia. As the COVID-19 pandemic has led to economic, health and social disruptionorganisations around the county have been severely impacted.   

As a result, communications professionals have been faced with a new set of challenges, as they now tackle the big task of driving the company’s change and transformation communication both internally and externally. Cutting through the noise and getting the company’s message out there whilst driving stakeholder engagement and brand reputation has also become increasingly difficult this year to a heavily oversaturated digital space. 

The 6th Corporate Comms Leaders Summit has been designed to support communications professionals with their internal and external communications strategies and challenges, as they continue to communicate through change. 

Attend this summit and learn how to:

Cut through the noise and get your message across in an oversaturated digital space

Communicate change and transformation to staff and external stakeholders 

Engage internal and external stakeholders in the new world 

Measure and maximise the ROI of your communications strategies and campaigns 

Rebuilding trust and enhancing your brand reputation 


Julie Toma

Head of Marketing and Communications

Catholic Healthcare

Megan Reader Hope

Associate Director Media and Communications

University of Canberra

Emily Fardoulys

National communications manager

Ramsay Health

Ina Mullin

National Manager Communications and Public Affairs

Lifeline Australia

Jonathan Green

Communications and Marketing Manager

Royal Flying Doctors Service Victoria

Laura Stevens

Head of Communication

University of New South Wales

Liz McKenzie

Head of PR and Communications


Cathy Jamieson

Head of Communications


Alistair Marshall

Head of Internal Communications


Casandra Thurston

Global Communications Leader

Flight Centre Travel Group

Nicole Lyons

Head of Communications


Lavinia Rajaram

APAC Head of Communications

Expedia (Singapore)

Rachelle Bryant

Internal Communications Manager

Aware Super

Emma Jane Edwards

Director – Media and Communications

M&C Saatchi Group

Judy Goldman

Director of Communications

Department of Health NSW

Henry Tuttiett

Media and Communications Director

Tourism and Events Queensland

Reid Sexton

Group Head, External Communications

Asahi Beverages

Elyse Glenn

Corporate Communications Manager

Schneider Electric

Nicole McKechnie

Executive Communications


Josh Clements

Head of Media and Communications

Sydney Airports

Anthony Meere

Director – Media, Communications and Government

Transport NSW

Antonia Vann

Senior Marketing & Brand Manager

Museums Victoria 

Luke Walker

Training and Development Specialist


Melissa De Coster

Head of Content



08:00 AM | Registrations open 

08:50 AM | Opening remarks from the Chair  

09:00 AM | Utilising data to make smarter and more informed decisions 
-Understanding how to incorporate and utilise data as part of your communications strategy
Assessing what data is relevant and how to effectively collect it 
-Best ways of analysing your collected data and creating effective reports 
Nicole McKechnie, Execuative Communications, Telstra 

09:40 AM | Panel discussion: Understanding how peoples’ response to communications have changed as a result of COVID-19 and digital fatigue 
-Discussing the new challenges communications professionals are facing in today’s world 
-Analysing what the future of communications will look like  
-How communications professionals are having to adapt to emerging and changing trends 
Anthony Meere Director – Media, Communications and Government, Transport NSW 
Judy Goldman, Director of Communications, Department of Health NSW  
Rachelle Bryant, Internal Communications Manager, Aware Super  

10:20 AM | Morning refreshments 

Engaging your stakeholders in the new world 
Internal Communications

10:50 AM | Communicating and engaging with your employees in the new digital world
-Creating a new natural spread of communication online 
-How to ensure employees remain connected in a hybrid workforce 
Nicole Lyons, Head of Communications, AGL  

11:30 AM | Communicating effectively with a diverse audience 
-How to embed inclusiveness into your communications strategy 
-Utilising communications to promote diversity and inclusion to the core of the company and its policies 
-Ensuring all company-wide communications follows an inclusive protocol 
Laura Stevens, Head of Communication, University of New South Wales 

12:10 PM | Networking luncheon 

1:10 PM | Creating an executive communications plan 
-Listening to employees and ensuring messages and feedback is passed on to the executive level 
-Analysing which communications channels are most effective for leaders to reach employees directly 
-Creating guidelines for what type of messages comes from which leader and ensuring consistent messaging and tone 
-Building employee trust through leadership communications campaigns that demonstrate willingness to adjust to employees’ needs and wants 
Cathy JamiesonHead of Communications, PayPal  

1:50 PM | Measuring the ROI on your internal communications strategy and campaigns 
-Identifying and setting measurable metrics that measure employee engagement, including innovation, productivity, growth and retention 
-Creating benchmarks tailored to your organisation and setting realistic timelines 
-How to utilise analytics tools to focus on hows and whats and putting it in relation to outputs and outcomes  
Rachelle Bryant, Internal Communications Manager, Aware Super  

External Communications

10:50 AM | Cutting through the media’s COVID agenda and getting your story through 
-Understanding what media look for when picking a story 
-Spinning your narrative to fit their agenda whilst staying true to your objectives 
-Using the right channels to get through 
Emma Jane EdwardsDirector – Media and Communications M&C Saatchi Group 

11:30 AM | Building successful external relationships remotely 
-Knowing when to engage and how to create a two-way communication stream that allows for transparency and active listening 
-Collaborating with your stakeholders through consultation and inputs in an online environment 
-Building a two-way advocacy and championing your stakeholder’s needs 
Ina Mullin, National Manager Communications and Public Affairs, Lifeline Australia 

12:10 PM | Networking luncheon 

1:10 PM | Developing compelling and relatable storytelling models to enhance understanding and engagement  
-Developing strategic content to raise awareness and understanding of RFDS health services 
-Developing engaging storytelling that focuses on outcomes rather than actions 
-Building empathy and trust among your clients and stakeholders 
-Utilising meaningful partnerships to strengthen communication messaging and reach 
Jonathan Green, Communications and Marketing Manager, Royal Flying Doctors Service Victoria 

1:50 PM | Measuring the ROI on your external communications strategy and campaigns 
-Knowing what, when and how to measure 
-Setting measurable metrics and KPI in line with your communication goals to business objectives 
-How to effectively monitor and evaluate your strategies and campaigns 
Antonia Vann, Senior Marketing and Brand Manager, Museums Victoria 

2:30 PM | Afternoon tea 

3:00 PM | How to effectively use video as a communications tool 
-The benefit of video 
-How to use video effectively (at a single video level and at a comms company level) 
-What video types are impactful 
Luke Walker, Training and Development Specialist, Shootsta
Melissa De Coster, Head of Content, Shootsta

3:40 PM| Doing more with less: Communications on a shoestring 
-How to maximise the results from your existing communications channels 
-Prioritising and better utilising external partners 
-Leveraging from existing communications channels and internal influencer network 
Reid Sexton, Group Head – External CommunicationsAsahi Beverages 

4:20 PM | Closing remarks from the Chair and end of day one 

08:00 AM | Registrations open 

08:50 AM | Opening remarks from the Chair 

09:00 AM | Creating highly responsive and agile communications in time of crisis 
-Managing multiple demands from internal and external stakeholders 24x7 
-Communicating with purpose and maximising engagement 
-Balancing transparency with the need to manage the potential for heightening anxiety 
Judy Goldman, Director of Communications, Department of Health NSW   

09:40 AM | Enabling for smooth transitions by creating a change communication framework 
-Assessing the situation and creating response plan to potential scenarios and risks 
-Analysing your stakeholders and identify how each one will be impacted by potential change 
-How to collaborate and engage your internal and external stakeholders to create strong brand presence 
Emily FardoulysNational Communications Manager, Ramsay Health  

10:20 AM | Morning refreshments 


Communicating through change, transformation, and crisis
Internal Communications

10:50 AM | Being prepared: Developing an internal crisis communication strategy 
-When and how to start planning for a crisis  
-Acting quickly and strategically to stop the spread of misinformation and uncertainty 
-Developing a post-crisis analysis framework to make adjustments and improvements for next time 
Henry Tuttiett Media and Communications Director, Tourism and Events Queensland 

11:30 AM | Driving a strategic communications strategy 
-Providing clear communications and a transparent vision for the future 
-Drive positive behavioural change amongst employees and ensure there’s personalised massaging and communications 
-Creating a two-way communication stream to encourage ongoing feedback and input 
-Setting KPIs and measuring your progress for ongoing adjustments and continued evaluation 
Alistair Marshall, Head of Internal Communications, Coles  

12:10 PM | Networking lunch 

1:10 Communication through transformation: engaging employees in the face of uncertainty 
-How Schneider Electric prepared its employees for agile working during COVID-19 
-Discussing the number one consideration for your change communications strategy 
-Collaboration is critical: how communications creates and encourages ongoing employee feedback and input 
-When digital is your only option, how to drive employee engagement through an effective channel mix and how it’s changes overall comms approach for the foreseeable future
Elyse Glenn, Corporate Communications Manager, Schneider Electric 

1:50 PM | Enhancing employer branding and culture 
-Communicating clear values and missions that your employees can identify with 
-Including your employees in your internal branding development 
-Adopting software for employees access company information that is shareable to their own networks 
Carmen Prince, Brand, External Communications and Engagement Manager, Sydney Water 


External Communications

10:50 AM | How to communicate change to external stakeholders 
-Understanding your different stakeholders as well as how they relate to the company and each other 
-Understanding your stakeholders’ unique needs and how they will be impacted by change and provide clear, transparent messaging around the future 
-The what and how: Tailoring your communication to each stakeholder with the right messaging and use of channel 
Casandra Thurston, Global Communications Leader, Flight Centre Travel Group  

11:30 AM | Developing stakeholder relationships and collaborations for increased engagement and longevity 
-Identifying your essential stakeholders and who’ll be involved from beginning to end  
-Setting clear roles and responsibilities 
-Creating a framework with set objectives, timelines and resources 
-Embedding agility into your framework and space for ongoing consultation and amendments 
Julie Tomar Head of Marketing and Communications Catholic Healthcare 

12:10 PM | Networking lunch 

1:10 PM | Utilising storytelling models as an engagement tool to rebuild trust  
-How to utilise storytelling to build empathy and trust among your clients and stakeholders 
-Adjusting your language, structure and format to your audience 
-Getting your audience involved to spark conversation, create ripple effects and generate future story opportunities 
Josh Clements, Head of Media and Communications, Sydney Airports 

1:50 PM | Enhancing your company’s brand reputation 
-How to collaborate and engage your community stakeholders through digital platforms to create strong brand presence  
-Establishing collaborative partnerships digitally for positive outcomes  
-Collecting, monitoring data to improve on feedback and ensuring you deliver on promises 
Megan Reader Hope, Associate Director – Media and Communications, University of Canberra 


2:30 PM | Afternoon refreshments 

3:00 PM | Building social responsibility to enhance brand reputation and trust 
-The importance of public perception and why you need to embed a social purpose into the core of your business  
-Communicating with transparency to humanise your company and brand 
-Best ways to utilise technology and develop better social outcomes 
Liz McKenzie, Head of PR and Communications, Canva 

3:40 | Panel discussion: How to get a seat at the executive table 
-Identifying the barriers to being part of the executive decision-making process 
-Building a business case as to why to be included 
-Addressing the importance of data and results 
Nicole McKechnie, Director of Communications, Telstra
Cathy JamiesonHead of Communications, PayPal 

4:20 PM | Closing remarks from the Chair and end of day two

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM | Workshop A:  

How to measure communications engagement and  

One of the most essential parts of communications is the effective measuring of it. By evaluating your campaigns, you’re finding out what does and doesn’t work and it allows you to improve, fine-tune and amend for enhanced performance.  

Without measuring, how do you know if your communications are hitting the mark?  

Attend this interactive workshop and learn how to: 

Identify and overcome critical challenges for measuring effective communication 
-Identify essential key performance indicators for various communication models 
-How to measure and enhance employee engagement  


1:00 PM – 4:00 PM | Workshop B:  

How to film on your phone for quick and easy engagement  

Utilising video as a communication tool is becoming increasingly critical for communication professionals to be able to operate. However, for many it’s a new medium to use, and one that’s often considered expensive. 

However, it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to use. You just need to know how.  

This interactive workshop will delve into: 

What the  best-in-class corporate communications videos and content trends for 2021 are 
-Leading video examples from the government and private sectors  
-How to plan a video from start to finish 
-The seven essential steps for filming great videos on your phone 
-The best gear to compliment your phone 
-Assuring quality and consistency: what to do after you film  

Luke Walker, Training and Development Specialist, Shootsta 

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Calling out a professional crew can cost between $5-$7k. This is a budget many businesses can’t afford. Because of this, video output is irregular, the messages are mixed and there’s no consistency for viewers.

We came from the corporate video production world and constantly had clients tell us they wanted to produce internal, marketing, or promotional videos every week but it was just too hard and too expensive. We realised if we could equip companies with the right gear and training they could film their own content and we could do all the heavy lifting with the post-production. And that’s when Shootsta was born.