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7th Annual Australian Government Data Summit 2021: Physical Events Make a Comeback

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As the occurrence of coronavirus starts to spiral down, the numbers of COVID-19 cases begin to decrease across the globe. The world is slowly taking its pace into embracing the new kind of “normal” post-pandemic. 

Let the truth be told that there are few industries that have suffered as much during the pandemic as the events organizing industry. Companies offering event production on a global scale have been driven to widespread forced cancellations of planned events for the entire 2020 due to the occurrence of Covid-19.  

The mandated health protocols such as physical and social distancing are beyond compromise.  Thus, the imposition and observance of social distancing led to the prohibition of physical events, conferences, and conventions. This overwhelming situation sparked the movement of converting planned physical and live events into online or virtual gatherings. 

Physical Events are the “super spreader’ in the Age of Covid-19 

According to Marketing Drive, there are about 71% of marketing and media executives consider virtual conferences and events will be the most effective and only choice for businesses to get by through 2020. Additionally, 51% think that live gatherings will be possible to continue to have a virtual element even post-pandemic. 

With the gradual reopening of public spaces, the number of individuals being allowed to attend an event remains to be limited. Presently, for this very reason, virtual summits and events are the most viable options for organizers to come up with a virtual event instead.  

Thus, the decision of Akolade’s management to cancel physical events and hold virtual summits instead is really justifiable in observance of social distancing and protects their participants from contracting this deadly virus. At least for 2020. 

In such a “new normal” world how will the events industry go forward? 

With the gradual return to normality, comes the reopening of the gym, bars, theatres, and other sports venues. All of which does serve as a welcoming respite for a lot of Australians who have been trapped in their own homes due to lockdowns.  

For the event organizing industry, the gradual ease in lockdowns and restrictions is twice the good news. There will be blue-chip events that have been cancelled due to the pandemic. The financial investments on these events are unparalleled thus, the sooner the organizations can go back to their operations, the better.  

Akolade’s Return to Organizing Physical Events  

The 7th Annual Australian Government Data Summit 2021 is a monumental one at Akolade. This will be one of the first shots for the organization into embracing the “new normal”. This event is geared towards learning the significance of data in the government.  This will be the organization’s attempt to face the challenges of organizing an event post pandemic.  

Akolade made various considerations before returning to physical events. Certain things like getting the right venue for an event, establishing internal protocols concerning contact tracing, getting the right kind of equipment to ensure health protocols are strictly observed as well finding efficient methods to reinforce clear social distancing instructions. 

Above all Akolade’s first-ever event post COVID-19 will promulgate all the directives stipulated on the Australian Government’s 3-step framework to create a COVID Safe society with new ways of living and working. The underlying principles strictly observed for this event will include strict compliance among participants on maintaining 1.5meters of social distancing and good personal hygiene, frequent cleaning, and disinfection of communal areas to name a few. 

What the 7th Annual Australian Government Data Summit 2021 is all about? 

Public Spectrum’s 7th Annual Australian Government Data Summit 2021 is geared towards building e governments’ data management and open access reforms, together with insights from Federal, State and Local Government. Additionally, innovative agencies representing the US and New Zealand governments are featured in the program, offering an international perspective. 

Join Akolade with one of their first physical events during the new normal. The participants of the 7th Annual Australian Government Data Summit 2021 will surely benefit from the insights and knowledge imparted by data management experts and professionals representing the three tiers of the Australian government.  

Find out more about this comeback event:  7th Annual Australian Government Data Summit 2021 



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