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ACT enters seven-day lockdown

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ACT enters seven-day lockdown

The ACT has entered a seven-day lockdown at 5:00 pm last night after confirming a positive COVID-19 case in the community and finding positive wastewater detections.  

Although the ACT Government currently does not know the source of the infection, the positive case is the most serious public health risk the ACT has faced in the past year.  

After seeing how a short and immediate lockdown limits the potential spread of the virus, the ACT Government acted quickly and decisively on initiating a strict lockdown for the next seven days.

This seven-day lockdown will be the first time that the ACT has entered a lockdown of this nature since the early days of the pandemic. However, it is the best path to avoiding longer and more damaging lockdowns. 

During this time, the ACT Government is requesting that Canberrans only leave their homes for essential reasons – essential employment, healthcare (including a COVID-19 vaccination), essential groceries and supplies and up to one hour of outdoor exercise. 

General retail will be closed and hospitality venues will only be able to operate takeaway services. Any businesses that have to remain open are requested to actively prevent any customer from browsing within their stores. 

The Check In CBR app will be critical for those who are leaving their homes for the reasons mentioned above.

With the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus being highly infectious and life-threatening, the Government informs citizens to take every precaution they can over the coming days for the sake of everyone’s health.

Mandatory mask-wearing will be reintroduced in the ACT, as well as good hand hygiene and keeping distance from other people. Family gatherings and parties are not allowed, and citizens may only interact with those within their households.

Canberrans are urged to get tested for any COVID-19 symptoms. A new testing clinic is being set up and will be available later today at the Brindabella Business Park. Capacity and operating hours will also be significantly increased at the Weston Creek Walk-In Centre and EPIC drive-through clinic.

If one is contacted by ACT Health as a close contact, the ACT Government requests that the individual gets tested as soon as possible. 

The ACT Government expects the demand for testing to increase, and so is asking for Canberrans to be patient since there will be longer waiting times at each of these testing clinics.

Further details will be available shortly on the COVID-19 website and on ACT Health social media accounts. There will be direct communication with stakeholder groups, including local businesses and schools. 



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