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ACT Government opens up vaccine registration for young Canberrans

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ACT Government opens up vaccine registration for young Canberrans

Young Canberrans can now register in the MyDHR to book a COVID-19 vaccination thanks to the ACT Government opening up the vaccine registration for the lower age groups. 

“Canberrans have shown a willingness to get vaccinated as soon as possible. We are leading the nation in the rollout, and I expect that the ACT will continue to be above the national average in the months ahead as supply increases,” said Chief Minister Andrew Barr. 

“16 to 29-year-old Canberrans can register now for MyDHR to make it faster and easier to book an appointment when they become eligible.” 

The MyDHR’s vaccine registration process worked well for 30 to 39-year-olds, with over 20,000 people within the age group booking an appointment on the first day of eligibility. 

With many young Canberrans willing to get vaccinated, it is expected that there will be strong demand from the roughly 64,000 people remaining in this age group. 

Minister for Health Rachel Stephen-Smith said with eligibility for Pfizer on the way, young Canberrans would have more options on choosing their preferred vaccine. 

“Becoming eligible to make a Pfizer booking will be a welcome development for many 16 to 29-year-olds who have seen the impact of the Delta strain on younger people,” Minister Stephen-Smith said. 

“I expect demand to be just as high for this age group as it has been each time we have opened eligibility for other cohorts.”

Minister Stephen-Smith stated that, although the demand at ACT Government mass vaccination clinics are already very high and Pfizer bookings are unavailable until October, young Canberrans can still choose to talk to their trusted health professional about AstraZeneca. 

“But soon they will at least have the opportunity to get some certainty by locking in a Pfizer vaccination appointment if that is their choice,” Minister Stephen-Smith said.

To register online for MyDHR, the ACT Government requires a Medicare card and an existing patient record at an ACT public health facility, like a public hospital or a nurse-led walk-in centre. 

Although registering online is faster and easier, the ACT Government recommends calling their booking line 02 5124 7700 (7 am to 7 pm) for assistance if one does not have a Medicare card. 



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