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ARC’s Future Fellowships scheme receives $93M

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Over $93 million has been invested into the 2021 Australian Research Council’s (ARC) Future Fellowships scheme to ensure that world-leading research continues to be carried out in Australia. 

The Future Fellowships scheme will see 100 new research projects funded at universities around Australia, all of which are focused on areas of national priority. 

Minister for Education and Youth Alan Tudge said the additional funding ensures that the country is at the forefront of global research, aiding the delivery of real-world solutions to global challenges. 

“We want Australian researchers developing the breakthrough ideas, new products and innovations that will create jobs, grow our economy and improve our society,” Minister Tudge said. 

“Importantly, these research projects will keep some of the world’s finest minds right here in Australia so that we directly reap the benefits of their research.”

From having a better understanding of microscopic cells and molecules to using solar energy to explore the expanses of space, Minister Tudge statedthe projects funded under the Future Fellowships scheme will help unlock new knowledge and increase the country’s standing on the world stage. 

Projects being funded include the following: 

  • $810,000 to RMIT University for research that will boost growth, resistance and yields from local crops and increase productivity in Australian agriculture. 
  • $919,000 to Australian National University to develop new, cheaper, more compact and robust quantum technologies. 
  • $755,000 to University of NSW to design new antimicrobial materials to fight drug-resistant bacteria in healthcare and agriculture. 
  • $995,000 to University of Queensland to investigate new ways to support people with a disability into work. 
  • $1,126,000 to University of Western Australia to advance 3D computer vision for use in 3D mapping, surveying, robotics and autonomous vehicles. 

The Future Fellowships funding scheme provides successful researchers with an opportunity to dedicate four years to their research endeavours in Australia. To date, more than $673 million has been injected into over 1100 research projects through the Australian Research Council. 



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