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Australian government adapting to technological changes

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The impact of emerging technology on how the government works and operates is undeniable.
In the Federal, State, and Local government levels, the pace of digital transformation is moving fast. The evolution — including transformation in communication aspects, growing amount of data, and easier access to information — have significantly changed the way the people and the government interacts.

Technological programs initiated by the government

Technological advancement has been evident in a lot of work and dealings with the government. In fact, it has hundreds of programs to ensure continuous growth and development. This can be seen in a lot of aspects: the 24/7 online service for the public, an online hub for businesses, and a lot more. The government has also been consistent in adapting technology for the improvement in education and health services.
Last year, the government also developed a robotics roadmap, via the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision, that aims to develop and support the use of robotics for various industries.

Technology as one of the main factor in driving economic growth

The Australian government, for the past 27 years, has been using technology to drive economic growth, improve its services to the people, and significantly improve the standard of living of the public. In fact, it has created a Digital Economic Strategy that focuses on improving services on data, assets, and cybersecurity and regulation, and other digital programs. This strategy aims to guide and drive the government until 2025, where a complete digital transformation is expected to take place.
The culture has changed significantly because of technology. While this may have both positive and negative impacts, the continuous growth of Australia as a whole is an obvious proof that technology, put into good use, will benefit not only how the institution operates but also every single individual in Australia.

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