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Michelle Bowditch contributor

My name is Michelle Bowditch and I am the founder of Door20A - confident and engaging speaker with over 15 years as an Executive Assistant supporting CEO & CFO's across the Financial Services, Energy Management & Star-tup Tech space. I help Executive Assistants find their voice, disrupt the status quo and identify better ways to do business. ‘I'm passionate about EAs making positive changes to declutter their day, automate the mundane, and focus on the stuff that gets them excited’. Working within large organisations or startup business's to make them understand the true worth of an EA and wy the business partner relationship is so essential + her advocacy in this space is very visible thru her 'Walk n Talk' series and the podcast "Door20a" platform. 2020 sees me bringing a series workshops around Australia called EAs Lead From Within where executive assistants will learn how to create & leverage their personal brand. I believe every executive assistant has the opportunity to build their personal brand and alongside the amazing Tory Archbold from Powerful Steps, we will teach you to take further leaps to harness the power of your networks My side hustle is a podcast series called BeBrave & launching soon a YouTube channel called Project Laneway plus I love to connect women thru my events series I run every quarter So some say I am busy but I say I am connected and I love collaborations with amazing women and executive assistants So that’s me for 2020 and can’t wait to connect so thru my coffee challenge or via instagram