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Centre of Expertise for Electronic Warfare to be established by government

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The government has partnered with Flinders University and defence industry firm DEWC T&E to establish a Centre of Expertise for Electronic Warfare. 

With $5 million in funding for the Centre, the Department of Defence will co-fund with Flinders University and DEWC T&E Defence Science Partnership (DSP) for five years. 

“The Morrison Government, Flinders University and DEWC T&E recognise the urgent need for increased quantity and quality of personnel with the skills and background to meet our national strategic needs in Electronic Warfare,” Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price said. 

“Talent acquisition and retention are critical to delivering an effective and enduring Electronic Warfare workforce across Defence.” 

The Department of Defence has joined up with DEWC T&E to establish a Professional Electronic Warfare Training, Education and Research (PEWTER) Memorandum of Understanding. 

Defence Scientist Professor Sam Drake was appointed as the inaugural Flinders University Academic Chair of Electromagnetic Systems and Security. 

“Having a skilled Electronic Warfare workforce comprising both practitioners and researchers across Defence, academia and industry is key to ensuring future defence capabilities are fit-for-purpose and future-proofed,” said Minister Price. 

“Professor Drake and his team will work in partnership with Defence scientists to establish Electronic Warfare-focused education and research programs. They will also facilitate professional Electronic Warfare training and research to stimulate and sustain workforce development. 

The 2020 Defense Strategic Update outlined and increased investment in Electronic Warfare capabilities across all domains. The advanced capabilities will provide the ADF with a strategic and tactical advantage to keep pace with the evolving operating environment. 

DEWC T&E plan to deliver Electronic Warfare training through the School of Information Operations.  

The defence firm’s years of Electronic Warfare experience and training expertise will provide valuable insights for students through a curriculum relevant to the Australian Defence Organisation. 


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