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Driver rest areas upgraded on roads across South East Queensland

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Driver rest areas upgraded in roads across South East Queensland

In order to improve road safety for motorists travelling across South East Queensland, the Australian Government has upgraded driver rest areas on major road corridors as part of the Rest Area Upgrade Program. 

Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz said $12.66 million was allocated towards the program due to the importance of such facilities for all motorists, particularly for those on long road trips and for heavy vehicle drivers whose rest stops are a part of their workplace. 

“As a former transport operator, I appreciate the perspective of drivers in terms of wanting improved facilities and it is great that through our $3 billion Road Safety Program we have partnered with the Queensland Government to deliver improved rest stops, including for heavy vehicles in Queensland,” Minister Buchholz said.

“These upgrades are going to provide better rest stops and increase capacity to encourage road users to stop, revive and survive. We know managing fatigue helps reduce the risk of crashes on our roads.”

The Australian Government is investing in the country’s transport industry and road safety, with the allocated funding adding $15.825 million for rest area upgrades across Queensland. 

“This is yet again another example of the Federal Government delivering on our commitment to reducing the number of Australians missing around the dinner table due to tragedies on our roads and providing greater capacity for all road users to take regular breaks.” 

Queensland’s Assistant Regional Roads Minister Bruce Saunders said the upgrades included two heavy vehicle rest areas. 

“Heavy vehicle rest areas at Warrill View on Cunningham Highway, and Palen Creek on Mount Lindesay Highway, have been regraded and sealed to improve the entry and exits,” Minister Saunders said. 

Minister Saunders revealed that minor road repairs at Warrill View have been completed under the program. The Robert Neumann Park rest stop on Currumbin Creek Road was also upgraded to include a new play area for children. 

“Over the past five years, fatigue has played a role in crashes on Queensland roads that have claimed 31 lives and seriously injured 462 people,” Minister Saunders said.

“Modern and well-maintained rest areas encourage drivers to stop and take that break, so that’s why investments like this are so important.” 

The driver rest area upgrades are part of a state-wide road safety mass action project that is funded by the state and national governments. The funding supports the fast roll-out of life-saving safety works on rural and regional roads. The funding offered to states and territories on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis in six-month tranches to ensure rapid delivery. 



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