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Fraud is a growing concern across Asia Pacific. In a recent 2019 APAC focused study, out of 700 APAC business surveyed, 67% of businesses reported an increased concern for fraud loses, compared to the prior year. 50% of businesses surveyed stated they have seen a significant increase in fraud losses over the past 12 months, with fraud losses particularly prominent in Australia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam.  

The fast-growing adoption of technology and internet penetration across the region, makes organisations and individuals more vulnerable than ever. 

With the average overall costs of fraud being 1.75% of revenue for businesses across the region, fraud and security professionals must ensure they are abreast of the latest trends shaping the fraud landscape in APAC and beyond. 

  • 1.Technology: Using the latest technology to enhance fraud operations and strategies
  • 2.Speed: Keeping up to date on the latest fraud trends and methods
  • 3.Transparency: Embracing transparent policies and communications to deter fraud
  • 4.Collaboration: Effectively collaborating with employees, law enforcers, and multiple jurisdictions

2019 Event Speakers:


“Thank you for the opportunity to attend the Summit and I appreciate all the effort taken by all the speakers, organisers and staff involved in the event. I was able to network and learn about emerging trends/issues within the Cyber/Fraud. Thank you very much!”
Security & Resilience Coordinator, Woolworths Group
“One of the best summits I've had the pleasure to attend. Information covered many aspects of cyber fraud with good case studies.”
Relationship Manager, ATO Adelaide
“Love the Fraud Summit, a great way to meet and have access to other people within the industry, whom you wouldn't normally be able to speak to.”
Senior Investigator, IFW Global
“The APAC Fraud Summit was a great insight that the fight against fraud is not an isolated issue. It amplified that all industries including, government, banking and private sectors need to come together to combat this issue together. The APAC Forum was a great platform to help commence this journey. I will be back next year. Thank You”
Group Investigations Manager, The Star Entertainment Group
“The Fraud Summit was very well organised with a range of diverse speakers from various key public and private sector agencies. It's highly recommended for those wanting to learn more about the fraud and cyber climate in Australia and for those wanting to expand their skills and resources. It was also an excellent opportunity to network with industry peers and colleagues and share experiences and ideas.”
CSOC Analyst, Australian Taxation Office
“The APAC Fraud Summit was a great opportunity to meet with industry peers and learn from their experiences and advice. Akolade have run a great event. Will definitely attend the next APAC Fraud Summit.”
Information Security & Compliance Manager, Domain Group

Agenda overview will be released soon, stay tuned!

Wednesday, 6th May 2020
Thursday, 7th May 2020
Friday, 8th May 2020

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