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Transitioning from a subject expert to executive level leadership requires managers to broaden and build their leadership capability, shape strategic thinking and lead with purpose and vision in a complex and ever changing landscape. 

At this level, leaders are expected to demonstrate agile thinking, engage in complex problem solving and lead large and diverse teams in a time of unprecedented disruption and change. At this level leaders are expected to exercise sound decision making and be accountable when providing high level policy advice. 

This two-day masterclass will provide public sector professionals with the skills to build a strong foundation of best practice leadership as you transition to EL1. Each session has been designed to equip you with the essential tools and strategies you need to prepare you for your next career move. 


    • 1. Lead with purposeand vision and inspire others to do the same 
    • 2. Build organisational capability and responsiveness 
    • 3. Steer and implement change and navigate uncertainty with a positive mindset 
    • 4. Flex your thinking style and master your mindset 
    • 5. Adapt your communication style to engage stakeholders and nurture relationships 
    • 6. Improve your ability to negotiate and tackle difficult conversations with ease  


Assistant Directors 
Executive Assistants
Executive Officers 


Claire Harrison



Claire Harrison is the founder of ThriveU. She is an experienced leader and executive coach and holds a Diploma in Positive Psychology.  

Claire’s areas of expertise include resilient leadership, developing emotional intelligence, building high performing teams, communication skills, mindfulness-based strengths training and executive coaching with a focus on leadership, career and business. 

Claire has held several senior leadership roles across the private sector, including REA Group, Mamamia Women’s Network, Women’s Agenda, NewsCorp and Getty Images and has over 15 years’ experience leading teams and developing workplace culture. 


Masterclass Day One – 5 November 2020
Masterclass Day Two – 6 November 2020
  • 9:30
    Session one: The 5 dimensions of an effective leader - lead with purpose, strategy and vision

    There are five capabilities at the heart of effective leadership: finding meaning in work, converting emotions such as fear or stress into opportunity, leveraging connections and community, acting in the face of risk, and sustaining the energy that is the life force of change. This session will take you through the foundations of leadership and set you up for success. 


    • Identifying the essential skills you need to lead with purpose, strategy and vision 
    • Emotional intelligence – why it matters and how to cultivate it 
    • Transforming challenges into opportunities and knowing when to pivot 
    • Mindset matters – navigating uncertainty and change 
    • Committing energy and driving to see projects through to completion

  • 11:00
    Morning Break
  • 11:30
    Session two: Strategic decision making and problem solving

    At the EL1 level you are required to shape strategic thinking and inspire purpose and direction within your team and across departments. This session will give you the tools to deliver on strategic objectives and approach challenges with an agile, solution-oriented mindset that drives innovation and optimises positive outcomes. 


    • How to inspire purpose and direction and aligning tasks to strategic objectives 
    • Learning effective methods to prioritise responsibilities and master task triage 
    • Breaking through problems and identifying solutions quickly and effectively 
    • Developing an agile approach to drive innovation

  • 1:00
  • 2:00
    Session three: Building and leading high performing teams

    As leaders we are only as effective as the teams we lead. In this session we will cover the essential building blocks of effective team management. Learn how to get the best out of your people by building trust and communicating with clarity and consistency. 


    • Leveraging the skills of your team and empowering them to contribute new ideas 
    • Building capability and identifying key talent to support performance 
    • Structuring people, processes and technology to enable efficiency and effectiveness 
    • Learning to give and receive constructive feedback  
    • Examining coaching techniques that build trust and engagement

  • 3:30
    End of Masterclass Day One
  • 9:30
    Session four: Communicating with confidence and building influence

    Building on the last session, we’ll explore different communication techniques, practice active listening and effectively engage stakeholders at every level to build, influence and lead with impact. 


    • Confidently communicating in a clear and concise manner 
    • Understanding your audience and adapting your communication style 
    • Using active listening and reflective questioning to develop rapport and create win-win outcomes 
    • Improving your ability to negotiate and tackle difficult conversations with ease 
    • Expanding your influence and leading with impact 

  • 11:00
    Morning break
  • 11:30
    Session five: Nurturing relationships and building your support network

    Leaders with strong networks, manager support and good mentors tend to have more influence, are more likely to be promoted and have greater career satisfaction. Building your network requires effort and consistent engagement. In this session we’ll explore why relationships matter and learn how to build a strong support network to achieve personal and professional goals. 


    • Engaging and collaborating with key stakeholders to foster collaboration and build mutually beneficial relationships 
    • Anticipating and being responsive to internal and external client needs 
    • Accessing and benefiting from mentors and coaches to forge sustainable professional relationships and take your career to the next level 
    • Be a leader who encourages and recognises the contribution of others 

  • 1:00
  • 2:00
    Session six: Resilience and Grit - what it takes to sustain yourself over the long term

    When we are resilient, we understand we have an inner reserve and capacity to handle whatever comes our way. Developing mental resources such as determination, self-worth and kindness make us more resilient, better able to cope with adversity and push through challenges when they arise. There has never been a more important time to cultivate resilience and grit and learn how to persevere in the face of setbacks. This session will show you how. 


    • Exploring the five pillars of resilience 
    • Reframing challenges and persist in the face of obstacles and setbacks 
    • Learning proven strategies to enhance your resilience for sustained performance  
    • Managing your energy and wellbeing to break the stress cycle and thrive over the long term 

  • 3:30
    End of Masterclass




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