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In times of crisis, the community looks to the government for support. Now more than ever, effective government communication is vital.

Internal communication teams need to keep public sector employees connected during these changed working conditions by engaging them through regular virtual campaigns and announcements. External communication teams need to be proactive, consistent and clear in their communication strategies to help maintain continuity, demonstrate a commitment to the community, earn trust, and even strengthen and build relationships during this uncertain time.

Having a good communications strategy and plan is important, however effective implementation within an organisation is paramount. Ineffective communication can be detrimental, leading to distrust and unease.

Attend this masterclass

and learn how to:

    • 1. Benchmark internal and external communications strategies with other government organisations 
    • 2. Build on best practices and lessons learned during public sector communication campaigns 
    • 3.Learn how to get crisis responses right during COVID-19 
    • 4. Discover ways to keep employees connected during changed working conditions 
    • 5.Understand and meet communications expectations during this pandemic 

Who will attend?

Join Leaders from Federal, State and Local government departments and agencies in
Public Relations
Digital Engagement
Human Resources
Employee Communications 


Allan Briggs, Chief Executive Officer, Crisis Shield

Allan demonstrates the power of strong strategic planning throughout the day, and at the end of the day, gets each of the attendees to work on real-life examples in order to practice the theory learnt in the first half of the day.

Alice Urquhart, Communications Coordinator, Metlink

James Morse, General Manager & Partner, SenateSHJ

His expert communications skills and ability to build rapport were key to hi, being able to create relationships and quickly identify the core issues. I am

very pleased to recommend him as a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional who delivers real results.

Graeme Cooper, Head of Communications and Information, Qatargas 3&4 Project

Agenda Overview

Day1 – Wednesday 26 August - Internal Communications
Day2 – Thursday 27 August - External Communications
  • Session one: Benchmarking digital employee engagement strategies

    This topic will provide insights into the current landscape of digital employee engagement within the public sector, and will provide attendees with an understanding of what communications departments can do to better engage with their staff. 

    • Keeping public sector employees connected during changed working conditions 
    • Maintaining a working mindset – discussing how the internal communications team can contribute 
    • Gaining insights into successful virtual campaigns and announcements 

  • Session two: Developing internal crisis communication strategies

    Concepts of designing internal crisis communication strategies will be introduced, providing participants with an understanding of the characteristics of that communication in order to understand the role of communication in safeguarding relationships of trust with employees. 

    • Discussing what COVID-19 has taught us about internal communications during a crisis 
    • What are the typical roadblocks to avoid? 
    • Identifying necessary communication frameworks to apply during times of uncertainty 


  • Session three: Developing internal communication plans required during COVID-19

    Participants will gain an understanding of how internal communication planning during Covid-19 works and will learn in detail the best practices in developing these plans in order to support the long-term health of the department. 

    • Analysing crucial dimensions companies need to balance out to ensure effective internal communication 
    • Developing, implementing and evaluating plans 
    • Understanding what employees expect from internal communications 


  • Session four: Implementing internal communication plans

    The factors influencing the success of communication plan implementations within an organisation will be reviewed in this topic, as will the elements of successful approaches to overcome and mitigate the main challenges and associated risks. 

    • Benefitting from implementing the right technology, systems and processes  
    • Analysing the main challenges during the implementation phase and understanding how to tackle the obstacles 
    • Improving existing plans through feedback from employees  

  • 4.00 End of day one

    About the facilitator: 

    Allan Briggs is founder and owner of Crisis Shield. He grew up in country Victoria and started his professional career with Victoria Police. Allan served 16 years with Victoria Police where he rose to the rank of Sergeant and managed the Public Relations Unit. He went on to work as Manager of Media and Public Relations at Victoria State Emergency Services (VICSES) for four years during which time he increased VICSES’ monthly media items tenfold and truly established the brand.  


    Allan’s experience is steeped in high profile crisis and emergency situations including the gangland shootings, armed robberies and fatal accidents. His work at Victoria Police and VICSES taught him that strategically developing and testing plans, systems and processes is the best way to mitigate risks, and manage issues and crises. Managing communication in situations such as Black Saturday, Allan quickly learnt how to get results in an environment where there is no margin for error. When the unexpected occurs, a well-rehearsed plan enables an effective response under pressure, even in extremely challenging circumstances.  


    With a passion for communications and an interest in developing staff, Allan has built a solid reputation as a straight shooter who gets results. As he developed the VICSES media unit Allan initiated a mentor program to train employees in working with the media and good public relations practice. The Public Relations Institute of Australia and RMIT also called upon him to mentor communications practitioners

    Allan Briggs
    Chief Executive Officer Crisis Shield
  • Session five: Using data and insights to engage communities through strategic communications

    An explanation of how to translate data and insights into effective, measurable communication strategies for engaging communities. Participants will learn about the history of data and insight use in public relations and be introduced to the latest tools and methodologies for applying data for communication design and implementation.  

    • Data  how its changed and why its important  
    • Understanding and using data for strategic communication  
    • Ethical challenges for strategic communicators  

  • Session six: Choosing the right channels to deliver successful campaigns

    The critical success factors for choosing the right channels will be outlined. Key concepts in communication campaigns, channels, approaches and leadership will also be covered and participants will be introduced to some of the most dramatic examples of integrated multi-channel communication campaigns ever produced.  

    • A brief history of communication channels  the things you need to know to keep up with this evolution  
    • Building integrated campaigns  creating cohesive communications for different channels 
    • Driving smart budgets  how to get a lot without very much 

  • Session seven: Building crisis communication teams to manage external communications

    Providing an introduction to the principles behind effective crisis communication teams. This topic illustrates how to integrate and align crisis communication with crisis management and broader organizational activities and processes. 

    • The role of the external communications team in engaging the public to navigate through crises 
    • Building team resilience and a new operating rhythm 
    • Reimagining communications plans, tactics and channels when the ground rules change 


  • Session eight: executing community focused crisis communication

    This topic will provide an understanding of best practices in communication execution during crisis situations. Participants will gain an understanding of requirements during this execution in order to meet the expectations of the community. 

    • Understanding and delivering community expectations during a major crisis  
    • Analysing the importance of content, context and tone during crisis communications 
    • Gaining and applying insights during a crisis situation  

  • 4.00 End of day two

    About the facilitator: 

    Jamie Morse is a communication specialist with over 20 years’ experience in public affairs and corporate communication. He has held senior in-house and agency roles with large multinational companies in Australia, Asia and the Middle East. 

    Jamie’s core areas of expertise include multi-channel integrated communication strategies and implementation, digital communication, issue/crisis, risk and reputation management. 

    His work has directly influenced multi-billion-dollar government procurement programs, regional trade agreements, electoral voter registration, and safer, more efficient work places.

    Prior to joining SenateSHJ Jamie was Campaign Communications Manager with multinational defence and technology company BAE Systems, where he led successful campaigns to win government procurement contracts valued in excess of $40 billion. 

    Jamie also has extensive international experience. He led offices for a global communication consultancy in Singapore, Malaysia and Qatar, and he has led multi-market projects for clients in private, public and NFP sectors. 

    He has a Masters Degree in Communication from Deakin University. 


    Jamie Morse
    General Manager & Partner SenateSHJ

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