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How to find a job in Australia’s public sector

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Most people working in the government have an innate passion and desire to help the community. Working in the public sector means being able to be of service for the public and it is a good choice.

However, applying for government jobs is not as easy as it may seem. It is very different from finding a job in a private corporation. There are steps that you need to take and there are requirements that you need to prepare for.

While this may sound difficult to some, especially those who are seeking their first job in the sector, it is a good opportunity to learn and to prove that you are worthy.

Recruiters in various departments and agencies in the federal, state, and government levels have a unique set of guidelines that you can follow.

Things you need to know when pursuing a government position

1. Know that every application process varies. Whether you are applying for a federal, state, or government job, know that there is NO standard process of application. It varies greatly between agencies and the type of job.

2. Keep in mind that all will be based on merit. Government employers will look at your skills and experiences and how well you are going to fit the role. This is the core requirement of a government job. While some jobs require specific qualifications, many still don’t so even if you are a fresh graduate, you are welcome to apply.

3. You need to thoroughly scan keywords and guidelines. Government agencies have specific terms when it comes to job titles and job descriptions. While you have to submit your application that demonstrates your skills, it is important to scan through each word and requirements carefully before submitting it.

4. A comprehensive resume is needed. Most of the time, you have to refine and pattern your resume after the job that you are eyeing. Recruiters need to see first your skills that will make you a great candidate for the role. Include as well as your experiences, career achievements relevant to the job.

5. Review job availabilities online.  There are thousands of government jobs available online. The number one resource for jobs would be https://www.apsjobs.gov.au/. Check out each qualification and review them carefully for you to be able to tailor-fit your application for the role that you want.

Applying for public sector roles needs preparation. While you may need to take extra work for it, know that working to serve the public is highly fulfilling especially for passionate individuals who want to do more and give more. The sector also offers excellent career development opportunities. 

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