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Cultivating HR’s resilience and agility in times of rapid disruption and transformation

17-19 November 2020

In 2020, HR finds itself in the midst’s of needing to reimagine itself almost entirely as it navigates these deep waters of disruption and transformation. To achieve this, will require cultivating great resilience and agility.  

To support HR on this journey – we are excited to launch the HR Resilience and Agility Virtual Summit a learning and networking platform designed to guide HR through cultivating resilience and agility for these times of rapid disruption and transformation.  

HR are across every touchpoint of this crisis. From the moment COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, HR teams and professionals from around the world have been tasked with driving the shift towards remote working, accelerating digitally and at exponential rates, and ensuring staff wellbeing, safety and health remain a top priority.  

HR are also tasked with navigating borders and visas for employees who are expatriated or travelling, and redesigning compensation and benefits to meet work from home needs and the physical, mental and emotional impacts from the pandemic. All while having to recruit and onboard new employees, and drive talent, learning and performance management initiatives remotely – losing the usual human touch, and forcing HR to reimagine the delivery of all the touchpoints between HR and its various customers.  

And at the same of being in the middle of a crisis  response that puts all its customers and stakeholders and therefore HR front and centre – HR must also continue to serve the needs of the business in the backdrop, whether it be managing redundancies, pay reductions, mergers, acquisitions or any other activity you can expect during such significant economic disruption and downturn.

The HR Resilience and Agility Virtual Summit will explore the digital tools and technologies that are enabling these new ways of working, and how HR professionals can embrace agile principals to redesign and reimagine the delivery of HR for a COVID and post COVID world. The Summit will guide HR through cultivating resilience and agility for these times of rapid disruption and transformation

Key Outcomes

Discover the technologies and digital tools that are empowering new ways of working

Gain insights into how this crisis is disrupting and repositioning the role of HR

Learn how other HR teams and professionals are redesigning and reimaging HR for now and a post-Covid world

Leave with a sense of how HR professionals can use this to accelerate their skills and capabilities – turning crisis into opportunity


Siobhán McHale

ECM People, Culture and Change
Dulux Group

Amy Rixon

Frucor Suntory

Alex Nicolaus

Head of People and Culture
Circles Life

Stephen Park

International Mobility Centre, APAC, Global Human Resources
Schneider Electric

Syed Ali Abbas


Monir Azzouzi

VP People Experience & People Relations

Helen Lyons

Head of People and Culture
Canada Bay Council

Jenny Oh

HR Director, Australia & New Zealands


Chartered Fellow CIPD, CHRO
Eradah Capital


Co-Founder and CEO
People Collider


Leadershift Inc.

Jacque Courtney-Pitman

Executive General Manager Human Resources

Brendon Husband

Head of People & Capability
Foodstuffs North Island Limited

Ravi Bhogaraju

Principal Advisor, Future of Work, Business Agility, People and Capability

Jessica Houghton

Business Partner, People and Culture
Gold Corporation - The Perth Mint

Andrea Hayden

HR Director – Oceania
Kärcher Pty Ltd, Australia

Paul Boicovitis

Agile Ways of Working Coach



Conference Chairperson Welcome Address

HR – It’s Time to Lead the Technology Conversation

· Recognising the role that HR plays in leading the technology conversation
· Understanding where your organisation is at on the technology adoption curve and adjusting your strategy
· Tools and techniques for creating an inclusive remote environment

Amy Rixon, CHRO, Frucor Suntory

People and Culture in a Digital and Remote World of Work

· Designing and implementing a digital HR roadmap
· Laying foundations that enable agile policy and processes development, learning and development, onboarding and more
· Building and maintaining culture in a world where everyone is remote

Alex Nicolaus, Head of People and Culture, Circles Life

10:50am Morning Break

Disruption and digitization is accelerating the global mobility transformation journey

· Addressing alternative forms of mobility due to increased compliance and cost constraints, it’s time to handle the unexpected due to disruption 
· Digitisation and the impact on talent mobility to accelerate careers and the link to diversity, moving from operational function to strategic COE 
· How did Schneider Electric deal with a more local and flexible post-CoVid world and what will talent mobility look like in the future to accelerate careers
· The changing profile of mobile talent and understanding employee’s perceptions and expectations to links to the employee value proposition 

Stephen Park, International Mobility Centre, APAC, Global Human Resources, Schneider Electric

Panel Discussion: Agile HR for a New World of Work
· What is Agile HR and what does it mean for HR professionals?
· How does it impact HR policy development and core functions such as performance management, rewards & compensation, learning & development etc.?
· What can HR do to increase its agility?
· What is the role of technology when it comes to Agile HR?

Syed Ali Abbas, CSO, Epitome
Monir Azzouzi, VP People Experience & People Relations, GoJek
Helen Lyons, Head of People and Culture, Canada Bay Council

12:40pm Lunch Break

A call to action: Employers – it’s time to put your mission statements on diversity and inclusion
into practice
This session will provide a heartfelt exploration into the often-unseen challenges many employees face, and the bias we too often prescribe as a result. This session calls out how COVID has only exacerbated this dynamic, and how employers should be responding and why.

Jenny Oh, HR Director, Australia & New Zealand, JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS (JDE)

Embedding a Transformational and Digital Mindset in Your Organisation

· Activating the collective passion and intelligence of your entire organisation and ecosystem to problem solve, innovate and adapt
· Developing future ready digital leaders and an organisation wide approach to developing Digital Mindset
· HR’s role in accelerating your overall organisational digital transformation
· Making sure your HR team steps forward and becomes a powerful enabler of transformation and business growth

Laurence Smith, Chartered Fellow CIPD, CHRO, Eradah Capital

3:00pm Afternoon Break

AI for HR Now and In the Future!

· Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for HR and the inherent problems and challenges of each form of AI
· Understanding how bias becomes part of AI, and what HR can do about it.
· The unique challenges AI pose to HR.
· Case studies of how AI can be incorporated in different tools for HR
· How to get started in HR with AI enabled technology tools

Pip Penfold, Co-Founder and CEO, People Collider

Maintaining Engagement and Productivity While Shifting to Virtual Ways of Working

· How they’ve shifted from an hours focused way of working, to an output focused way of working – and what performance looks like now  
· How they’re driving cultural and social activities in a virtual environment   
· How their leaders are working with their teams to find what’s right for them.
· How they’ve shifted learning and development initiatives to a modular and virtual style of delivery 
· Outcomes and learnings so far 

Andrea Hayden, HR Director – Oceania, Kärcher Pty Ltd, Australia

5:00pm End of Summit Day One

Conference Chairperson Welcome Address

How to Build a Resilient Culture that can Deliver, Grow and Adapt 

· Busting the big myths around workplace culture 
· Identifying where your culture is “broken” and not delivering on your business goals 
· Unleashing the remarkable power of role reframing for faster change, with less noise 
· Breaking dysfunctional patterns to create organisational growth and success 
· Making growth and change the “new normal” 

Siobhán McHale, ECM People, Culture and Change, Dulux Group

The land of HR brand: Storytelling to reposition HR as architects of the future

· Why this crisis is a critical chance at repositioning HR
· Why storytelling is a central tool no HR leader can ignore
· What type of stories can help reposition HR as the leaders of the new world of work

Tanvi Gautam, CEO, Leadershift Inc.

10:50am Morning Break

Using Decisiveness, Authentic Leadership and
Communication to Meet People and Culture Needs During A Crisis
· Making agile and decisive decisions to face multiple challenges
· Demonstrating authentic leadership by reaching out to employees, understanding their circumstances and challenges and being flexible with policies to accommodate their needs
· Ensuring clear and ongoing communication across all touch points throughout the entire journey
· Getting employees buy-in and support on changes to policies, work practices and terms of the Enterprise Agreement to ensure sustainability of the company and employment.

Jacque Courtney-Pitman, Executive General Manager Human Resources, QuickStep

The Role of HR with Creating an Agile Culture and Unlocking Learning Agility at Telstra

· Why the future of work is learning, and how that future is NOW
· Why agile doesn’t necessarily “fix” problems, it exposes them
· Why the practices of ‘ways of working’ are antidotes to the most common problems of corporates
· Agile is a people skill and therefore why HR should own it and drive it
· Why a learning ecosystem is not enough
· Why you should start small and start with yourself
· Why learning agility is the secret sauce

Paul Boicovitis, Agile Ways of Working Coach, Telstra 

2020 and HR’s Dress Rehearsal for The Future
· Moving a workforce to a new agile workspace during a crisis
· Putting culture change initiatives into practice earlier than expected
· Delivering flexible, remote and better for less through agile and virtual space
· The journey of foodies and Restaurant Brands and how they’re embracing new ways of working and during a crisis

Brendon Husband, Head of People & Capability, Foodstuffs North Island Limited

1:20pm Lunch Break

Reimagining HR as A Leader and Enabler of Organisational Change and Positive Disruption

· Disrupting HR – How HR needs to disrupt and reimagine itself for the new world of work
· How can HR close the gap on its digital literacy skills?
· What is HR’s role when it comes to organisational wide digital transformation – are they there yet?
· What HR roles are becoming redundant, and what new roles are emerging

Ravi Bhogaraju, Principal Advisor, Future of Work, Business Agility, People and Capability, EcoSystm
Pip Penfold, Co-Founder and CEO, People Collider
Laurence Smith, Chartered Fellow CIPD, CHRO, Eradah Capital

Future of Work – Implications for Business Leaders & HR

· Putting Employee Experience at the Core of Customer Strategies
· The Role of Productivity in the Digital Workplace
· The True Implications of Flexibility
· The Evolution of Employee Engagement
· The Shift in Managerial Styles to outcomes based managerial styles

Ravi Bhogaraju, Principal Advisor, Future of Work, Business Agility, People and Capability, EcoSystm

Perth Mints Rapid Response to COVID-19
· How work from home is here to stay – building the culture, trust and understanding that comes with it
· How they’ve been able to show HR’s creativity and true value, and built trust in what they’ve put forward
· How we were able to effectively and quickly respond to the COVID-19 crisis – new forms of leave, redeployment of staff, tracking of staff retuning home and providing these staff with resources
· How they’ve focused on communicating the “why” every step of the way
· How engagement levels, outputs and productivity scores have gone up

Jessica Houghton, Business Partner, People and Culture, Gold Corporation – The Perth Mint

4:20pm End of Summit Day Two

9:30am – 12:00pm

HR’s Role for Developing Organisation Wide Digital Skills 

This workshop will explore how well is your organisation prepared for the ever-changing digital world, and the unique opportunity HR has to lead the required transformation. 

This workshop will explore:

  • De-mystifying digital and adopting an organisational wide digital mindset 
  • Why “Digitalisation” alone does not equal digital transformation 
  • Helping your organisation identify and develop new digital business models to better serve customers and stakeholders 
  • Building a culture that allows your employees to experiment and innovate 
  • Strengthening HR’s own “Digital Quotient” and having a broad understanding of the digital world and the personal, societal, and organisational implications of emerging technologies 
  • Developing a basic understanding of design thinking and lean start-up methodologies 

What you will learn:

  • What digital really means for HR 
  • How HR can increase its own digital capabilities 
  • The role HR plays in leading organisational-wide digital transformation 
  • How to create a digital culture and mindset 

Laurence Smith, Chartered Fellow CIPD, CHRO, Eradah Capital


1:00pm – 3:30pm

Adopting Artificial Intelligence and Automation in HR

This workshop will take a deeper dive into how HR teams can effectively adopt AI and automation to transform and augment their HR practices.

This workshop will explore:

  • Exploring the various use cases for AI across HR
  • Identifying the opportunities to adopt AI and automation in your HR department
  • Identifying priority areas for AI adoption
  • How to avoid bias and adopt AI in an ethical way
  • The role of data


What you will learn:

  • How AI is being applied to various HR functions
  • How you can identify where AI could be adopted in your organisation
    How to adopt AI ethically

Pip Penfold, Co-Founder and CEO, People Collider

Who Should Attend

Leaders and Heads of:  Human Resources  Talent management  Organisational Development  Learning and Development Performance Management  Talent Mobility  HR Technology  Digital HR  Employee Experience  
HR Business Partners 


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