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COVID-19 has led to economic, health and social disruption that most leaders have never experienced in their lifetime. Now, leaders must regroup and adapt to the new environment. Good leaders are already looking to adopt new ways of working, to find and master the best style of leadership.
The Hybrid Leadership & Management Masterclass (Streaming live 25-26th November) has been designed to challenge participants to think differently about their role as a leader, and equip them with the required leadership skills  and tools that drive employee productivity and engagement across hybrid work environments

Who Should Attend

Advance your service outcomes through new and alternative service models

Improve suicide prevention and early intervention models

Implement support programs to meet the mental health needs of frontline workers and staff

Develop collaborative partnerships to mitigate service duplication whilst increasing service integration, reach and sharing resources

Better utilise technology to bridge service gaps and adapt to current times


Mark Badger

Managing Partner

Edgeview Group

  • Masterclass Day 1
  • Masterclass Day 2

09:00am Masterclass Commences 


Leading teams across the online and onsite environments 

As businesses are adapting to new ways of working, leaders have to adjust to managing employees in both online and onsite environments. This session will provide attendees with a variety of techniques on how to lead teams in various environments. 

  • Discussing how organisational culture and core values should be incorporated 
  • Exploring three leadership styles and evaluating their pros and cons for hybrid teams 
  • Choosing the best leadership approach for different situations to address revenue, collaboration and employee engagement challenges 
  • Discussing the challenges of leading teams and employees onsite and online 
  • Examining common pitfalls for leaders who lead managers in charge of hybrid teams 
  • Identifying the critical skills required for effective virtual leadership 


How to increase employee productivity and accountability 

As a high volume of employees has moved to work remotely at a pace faster than expected, leaders are faced with new challenges. How should leaders effectively drive staff productivity and accountability within hybrid teams? This session will equip attendees with the tools and frameworks to engage and motivate employees. 

  • Leading hybrid teams: facilitating collaborative tasks with co-workers, working in teams and interacting with clients to maintain or improve productivity 
  • Evaluating performance and selecting suitable metrics to improve the effectiveness of managers and teams, even when working remotely 
  • Setting clear goals and purpose for employees to work towards 
  • How to effectively engage and motivate employees through trust-building and transparency 
  • Executing new measures to track employee productivity and outcomes 
  • Selecting a process to recognise achievements and celebrate wins virtually 


Creating effective communications strategies to lead teams virtually 

Communication is a critical element of effective leadership, and poor communications can have detrimental consequences for teams and the business as a whole. This session will focus on how leaders can improve their communication strategies and better utilise communication as a leadership tool. 

  • Ensuring your communication is clear and concise to avoid misunderstandings 
  • Encouraging an open dialogue with and between managers and employees 
  • Creating conflict resolution strategies for virtual working environments 

4:00pm End of Day One 

09:00am Masterclass Commences 


Leveraging emotional intelligence – building engagement and trust among employees 

This session will allow attendees to understand how they can utilise emotional intelligence as a tool to drive productivity and engagement amongst teams and employees.  

  • How to read employees – leading with empathy in a hybrid working environment 
  • Building strong employee relationships to enhance productivity and improve culture and engagement levels 
  • Advancing self-awareness and social awareness skills to enhance your emotional intelligence 
  • Addressing the politics of change and holding middle-managers accountable 
  • Motivating and managing performance, nurture talent and leverage a culture of accountability 


Leading and measuring the performance of hybrid teams 

Ensuring that employees perform and meet their KPIs whilst working with a hybrid team is challenging. In this session, attendees will gain access to knowledge on how to lead and measure performance of hybrid teams. 

  • Discussing the challenges of performance management for virtual vs onsite employees  
  • Setting and communicating expectations and metrics linked to performance management 
  • Having regular focused conversations and providing quality feedback and coaching 
  • How to identify issues early on, e.g. failure or reluctance to collaborate, identify ‘us’ and ‘them’ politics and conflict 
  • Developing strategies to manage unengaged and difficult staff remotely 


Having difficult conversations with employees virtually 

Working in different locations often creates barriers between employees and leaders, and the need to have a ‘difficult’ conversation can prove to be even more challenging. This session will focus on how leaders and managers can hold difficult and uncomfortable conversations in a virtual environment.  

  • Discussing the differences and challenges of having difficult conversations virtually as opposed to face-to-face 
  • Identifying what’s key to having successful uncomfortable conversations virtually and over the phone 
  • How to follow the performance management framework for employees not meeting targets 

4:00pm End of Day Two 


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