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Informing, empowering and protecting frontline workers living with stress and overwhelm

Part 1: 23 February 2021
Part 2: 2 March 2021

Many passionate, well-intentioned and highly skilled frontline workers have slowly and sadly developed burnout. Many have lost hope, direction and agency especially in the face of COVID-19.

This is not a reflection of their capacity or desire – but the result of not understanding how stress affects not just our minds but also our bodies.

The Mental Health for Mental Health Care Workers Masterclass aims to inform, empower and protect frontline workers who are working and simultaneously living with stress and overwhelm.

The program is underpinned by a neuroscientific map being the Polyvagal Theory and incorporates a combination of Somatic Experiencing and Gestalt Therapy interventions.

It is interactive, theoretical, incorporates experiential and self-inquiry exercises, interventions and strategies.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be informed, empowered and protected as a frontline mental health worker living with stress and overwhelm.

Attend this masterclass and learn:

What self-care actually means and how to practice self-care

The interdependent ways that support working from a place of regulation and sustainability

How to incorporate a neurobiological framework to help you notice and track your nervous system, to ensure they are working within a window of presence and health

Boundaries and ways in which to support and protect yourself from vicarious trauma and burnout

Somatic strategies to support “bottom up” and top down regulation processes

A conceptual framework to successfully move through the cycles of activation and into states of agency, satisfaction and integration

Course Facilitators

Anna Skolarikis

Co- Founder

Restoring Resilience

Anna is a gestalt trained Psychotherapist and Somatic Experience Practitioner (SEP). Anna works in private practice and works as a Clinical Supervisor at Victorian Child Care Agency with the Footprints for Success Program. Anna assists at Somatic Experience trauma trainings in Australia and New Zealand.

Anna has co-created a Masterclass that is a trauma informed approach working in mental health. Anna invites multi-disciplinary services to collaborate, to dialogue and forge a strong working alliance. The Masterclass provides psycho-education on behaviour through a trauma lens and supports services to build a relationship.

Phyllis Traficante

Co- Founder

Restoring Resilience

Phyllis integrates Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal theory and Gestalt therapy in her practice, masterclasses and trainings. Phyllis is a clinical supervisor, and industry trainer of 30 years.

Phyllis provides counselling, supervision, and training for organisations such as Victorian Aids Council, Mind, Neami, Camcare, Boroondara Youth, NDIS, private practice, Life Works, as well as provides secondary consult, mediation, and support to high schools. Phyllis has managed teams for several organisations to date as well as within her own business.

“Our suite of masterclasses has emerged from our passion for people to live a life where they feel understood and accepted in their experience. My aim is to support people and teams to build a strengthened bond from within, which supports health, growth, and resilience. To empower organisations with the skills to understand and help resolve stress, overwhelm and trauma. I am so excited about our programs. The results so far have been outstanding.” 

Learning outcomes include:

Understanding the importance of prioritising self-care practices

Practical tools for maintaining healthy boundaries

The ability to orientate to the resources that support health, wellbeing and sustainability in the face of working with crisis, stress and overwhelm



Masterclass commences


End of day one

Each day the facilitator will assign time for morning, lunch and afternoon break

Session 1: Self-care – what is self-care and how do we really do that?

Our health and wellbeing is inter-dependant on internal and external factors. Participants will identify resources that support, nourish and sustain them and identify the very things that deplete and constrain them.

The Masterclass will commence with an activity on drawing up a resource map and sharing them with other frontline workers in small groups

Session 2: Introduction to Polyvagal Theory
Our safety, health and wellbeing requires a psychobiological perspective. We will look at Stephen Porges latest neuroscientific framework and learn to map our innate physiological ways of responding and dealing with stress and overwhelm.

The autonomic nervous system will up-regulate and down-regulate arousal levels when dealing with adversity and stress

Signs and symptoms of when your body is signalling for help

Differentiating between states of being tired as opposed to collapsed

Why connection, safety and curiosity are markers of wellbeing

Session 3: Somatic mindfulness noticing and tracking exercise – differentiating states of the mind and body

In supporting regulation, health and wellbeing it is important we have awareness and connection between all states of body and mind. Participants will learn to access data and explore meaning making. This will be done by exploring the differences in perception, neuroception and interoception.

Triune Brain and how different areas manage different part of the regulatory system

Learning to listen to bottom up and top down information and data

Mapping out on what your bodies internal response to different and opposing physiological states


Masterclass commences


End of day two

Each day the facilitator will assign time for morning, lunch and afternoon break

Session 4: Boundaries and attachment styles 
Empathy without boundaries is a risk to self and other. When working as a frontline worker we must reflect and be aware of our energetic states.  
Differentiating between states of joining, merging and avoiding
Past attachment patterns can be at play 
Questionnaire on identifying attachment style  
Karpamans Drama Triangle 

Session 5:  Zinkers Experience Cycle 
A gestalt framework that supports individual’s to be aware and notice their needs, support naming their needs and orienting towards having those needs met. 
When we are feeling stressed our capacity to move towards the things we need or want can be difficult. Here is a conceptual framework that can support individuals to identify what it is they need to feel a sense of agency and satisfaction 
Appeasing and pleasing our inner critic can sabotage our capacity to create a regulated and balanced approach to  

Session 6: Reflective practice self inquiry process 
This Masterclass will end with a practical session using a range of reflective practice self-inquiry practices, to help integrate and process the content and learning over the masterclass.  
Journal and reflect on questions about what you have discovered through the Masterclass 
Commit to a self-care practice what prioritises you and what you need to nurture, nourish and sustain you.   

End of Masterclass 

Really enjoyed the Masterclass, excellent, engaging and captivating content. Really well presented and fun.


Head Space

“Thank you for providing this amazing opportunity. It is one of the best things I’ve done. Cannot thank you enough.”


Boroondara Youth

Great presenters with clear points and targeted information


Education department

I liked the way Anna and Phyllis communicated with the group, it was sincere and they really listened and provided some great suggestions to those asking questions or sharing some of their story


Education Department

It was engaging and provided an open platform to speak freely from judgement. Was able to expand on my knowledge of the nervous system, window of tolerance and ways to help regulate it. Important lessons on how we connect with others in relation to boundaries


Mental Health in Construction

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