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New eCommerce program creates buzz for Queensland exporters

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Queensland’s native bees are helping a local company take its unique natural products to one of Asia’s largest eCommerce markets.

Native Beeings is one of six Queensland companies selected to participate in a new eCommerce pilot run by Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) which helps exporters get direct access to some of Asia’s fastest growing and most sophisticated consumer markets.

“The eCommerce program is helping small businesses like Native Beeings explore their export potential and take advantage of the growth in digital trade that COVID-19 has stimulated,” Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said.

“Starting with Korea, which has the third largest eCommerce market in Asia behind China and Japan, this program helps export-ready Queensland businesses explore new opportunities presented by Asia’s digitally-savvy consumer population,” Minister Mark said.

“Korea is in the top five fastest-growing eCommerce markets globally and is worth a whopping $115 billion. The sophistication and sheer size of these markets offer our exporters some very exciting opportunities to expand overseas, diversify their businesses and plan for the future. Queensland is known around the world for its clean, green and great-tasting produce, and we are continuing to back our agricultural exporters as they play a key role in Queensland’s Unite and Recover economic recovery plan,” ” Minister Mark said.

“We are building on that reputation and growing our regions to promote our exports to the world. With programs like this, the Palaszczuk Government is helping our exporters explore the many new export channel options available to them with these booming online marketplaces,” ” Minister Mark said..

Building on the success of TIQ’s China Digital Commerce Accelerator Program, which culminated with 20 Queensland businesses selling their products direct to Chinese consumers in the lead-up to the massive Lunar New Year sales period, the Korea eCommerce pilot will see exporters list multiple products across Korean eCommerce platforms and sell directly to Korean consumers.

“While COVID-19 had disrupted traditional market channels such as food service, the pandemic also provided impetus for Queensland companies to explore the potential eCommerce presents. Having travelled to Korea myself I’ve seen first-hand how well-regarded Queensland products are and the quality they are known for,” ” Minister Mark said.

“Our exporters need to explore new channels in these highly promising markets. This program offers a way for them to test the market, scale up sustainably and seek out opportunities to grow.,” ” Minister Mark said.

Native Beeings makes a bee propolis product that has benefits for health and skin and is already benefiting Queensland’s natural environment, with its hives now found in native bush areas and farms, reviving the native bee populations and helping with pollination.

“The pilot is an amazing opportunity for them. These eCommerce platforms are large and have so much potential. To have someone guiding us on the in-country marketing requirements and holding our hand through the process is just incredible,” Native Beeings Managing Director Mariki Visser.

“Korea is a high-end consumer market and given we’re targeting customers who appreciate high quality and natural ingredients, it’s a perfect fit for us,”Director Mariki said.

Expressions of interest are now also being called for Queensland exporters to participate in a Taiwan eCommerce program, which will allow these companies to market their products to millions of users on PCHome24, one of Taiwan’s largest eCommerce platforms.

Interested exporters can visit tiq.qld.gov.au to apply for the Taiwan program.

Trade and Investment Queensland is the State Government’s dedicated global business agency, with a network of offices around the world and throughout regional Queensland.


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