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New Fund Supports LGBTIQ+ Sector In Covid-19 Recovery

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The Andrews Labor Government is giving businesses and organisations that cater to Victoriaâ€

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™s LGBTIQ+ communities a funding boost to help them recover from the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Minister for Equality Martin Foley announced LGBTIQ+ sector businesses and organisations financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic can now apply for support through the new $1.2 million Revitalising the LGBTIQ+ Sector Fund.

From now until 15 March 2021, businesses and organisations in the LGBTIQ+ sector can apply for grants between $30,000 and $50,000.

Throughout the pandemic, businesses and organisations that support LGBTIQ+ communities have faced significant challenges, including increased demand for support services, business shutdowns and other financial pressures.

This new fund will ensure the ongoing viability of businesses and organisations that are at the heart of Victoria’s LGBTIQ+ communities. Funding will be used to sustain staffing levels, employ new workers, cover costs such as rent, insurance and utilities, increase service provision and adapt to COVIDSafe requirements.

The sustainability of these businesses and organisations will allow them to continue providing specialised goods and services to LGBTIQ+ Victorians and ensure they have places to connect, celebrate who they are, and are supported by LGBTIQ+ inclusive service providers.

The support that LGBTIQ+ businesses and organisations provide continues to be vital during Victoria’s economic and social recovery from the pandemic.

For more information and to apply for a grant, visit vic.gov.au/revitalising-lgbtiq-sector-fund.

“The Revitalising the LGBTIQ+ Sector Fund will help to support the long-term viability of LGBTIQ+ organisations, businesses and services as part of our state’s recovery from the pandemic. These services are crucial in supporting our LGBTIQ+ community as we emerge from this crisis as a stronger and more inclusive Victoria,” Minister for Equality Martin Foley said.

“LGBTIQ+ businesses and organisations often play the important role of providing a hub for our communities, and our state would be worse off without them.” I’m confident that this new fund will help them shore up their positions as we all recover from the challenges of the pandemic,” Victorian Commissioner for LGBTIQ+ Communities Ro Allen said.


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