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NSW Government launches the NSW Cyber Security Strategy

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With a vision to become a world leader in cyber security, the NSW Government announces a new cyber security strategy that will protect, grow and advance the state’s digital economy. 

The NSW Cyber Security Strategy brings industry development and government resiliency together for the first time, ensuring that the state’s cyber security industry will continue to thrive. 

The Strategy will be focused on four key commitments: 

  • increase the NSW Government’s cyber resiliency  
  • help NSW cyber businesses to grow  
  • enhance cyber security workforce and skills  
  • support cyber research and innovation 

NSW Digital Minister Victor Dominello said the Government and the state’s industry have to work together to turn NSW into a cyber capital in the southern hemisphere. 

“While the roles of industry, government and members of the public are different, they need to complement each other,” Minister Dominello said.  

“Developing cyber security awareness of individuals is the fundamental building block as each citizen can better contribute to the security of their household and workplaces once they understand and consistently apply the basics.” 

Minister Dominello said it was important that the State’s existing capabilities be bolstered in order to turn the local cyber security industry into a globally competitive, innovative ecosystem that will drive economic growth. 

Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney Stuart Ayres said the state’s current situation has shown the need for better cyber security that will reduce business risk. 

“The NSW Government is committed to partnering with industry to continue to grow this critical sector and leverage the strengths of industry and academia to drive international competitiveness.” Minister Ayres said. 

An NSW Cyber Hub will be established under the strategy, delivering a range of initiatives. These initiatives will accelerate the growth of NSW cyber businesses by maintaining and attracting the right talent to create a fluid, dynamic workforce to address skills gaps. 

A Cyber Security Industry Placement Program will also be launched, bridging the gap between education and workforce requirements and provide career pathways for those who are reskilling. 

“We must foster innovation, continuously strive for new advancements and improvements, and capitalise on the strengths that can be realised through collaboration amongst government, academia and industry,” Minister Ayres said.  

“Through this close collaboration, we will be able to realise a truly strong cyber security ecosystem and see the successful commercialisation of cutting-edge solutions.” 

The NSW Cyber Security Strategy will ensure the security of government services while upholding the integrity and trust of the people. It will also create a culture of cyber security resilience, supporting the industry as it continues to meet the increasing demands of a fast-growing sector. 

Public consultation and industry engagement for the strategy was finished in late 2020. The NSW Cyber Security Strategy is said to replace the existing NSW Cyber Security Strategy and the NSW Cyber Industry Development Strategy by combining them into one overarching cyber security strategy. 


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