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NT releases tender for public transport services across Greater Darwin

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NT releases tender for public transport services across Greater Darwin

The Territory Government has just released a tender, inviting applications to provide public transport services across Greater Darwin.  

The tender, which is released every few years and is valued at over $400 million for a period of 72 months, includes the provision of public bus services, school bus services, special needs services and services for special events. 

Since public transport services are critical in providing the state’s citizens access to important social, economic and cultural services, the tender can be extended for a further 48 months. 

“Public transport is vital for our community to function,” Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Eva Lawler said. 

“From running 187 school bus routes, being available for major events, this contract will make sure the Territory keeps moving.” 

It is also expected to continue to support over 290 ongoing jobs within the public transport sector. 

Under this tender, the state government is seeking highly experienced and qualified service providers to deliver bus services in the Darwin and urban service contract areas for: 

  • Zone A – Darwin and Northern Suburbs 
  • Zone B – Palmerston and Surrounding Areas 
  • Zone C – Rural Area 
  • Zone D – Special Need, Intensive English Unit and Seniors Run 

The public bus services provided across the Greater Darwin area transport over 4.2 million passengers each year on 40 different routes, covering over 5 million kilometres with over 180 buses.  

Meanwhile, Greater Darwin’s school bus services transport over 1.5 million students each year on 80 school buses, covering 1.9 million kilometres across 187 school bus routes. 

The Territory Government provides transport for special needs students, as well as those enrolled in the Intensive English Unit and seniors. These services provide transport for over 300 students to 7 schools and 11 satellite classes in the greater Darwin area every year. 

“With over 290 ongoing jobs, this tender will support many Territorians with employment, while also supporting 5.8 million individual journeys by Territorians who catch public transport and school buses each year,” Minister Lawler said. 

The tender closes on 19 August 2021, with the new contracts beginning on 1 March 2022.   


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