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Perth robotics company works with Defence to save lives on the battlefield

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A leading Perth robotics company named Chironix is working with Defence to develop a robotic command and control system that would evacuate casualties from the battlefield on an autonomous vehicle.

“Chironix would help research what role robots could play in providing advanced casualty care and treatment to soldiers injured on the battlefield,” Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price said.

The robotics company develops software that allows the robots to be used in multiple sectors such as defence, mining, construction and oil and gas. Chironix’s system is currently at the proof-of-concept stage but there are plans for the program to use robots to call for supplies or perform other logistical tasks.

The agreement with Defence valued at almost $160,000. The agreement included looking into the use of driverless technology in vehicle convoys across a range of difficult military environments.

“Chironix had demonstrated its advanced skills in robotics and software engineering through its engagements with Defence and the US Office of Naval Research. Technological evolution and innovation in land combat and protected vehicle capability is integral to giving Australia a warfighting edge,” Minister Price said.

“A key contributor to this will be the development of a robust, resilient and internationally competitive Australian defence industry. It is for that reason that the Morrison Government is proud to partner with Chironix and invest in developing autonomous systems capabilities.”

The Government’s investment into the program will help create a highly skilled workforce and intellectual property. This will enable land combat and protected vehicle technologies to evolve significantly.

Federal Member for Curtin Celia Hammond MP said the partnership between Defence and Chironix would also help raise West Australia’s profile in cutting-edge defence research and its local defence industry.

“Chironix is showing just how capable our defence industry is not only here in WA, but right across Australia and across the world. This sort of technology has the potential to be a game-changer for our soldiers on the front line and I am so impressed that is being developed here in Osborne Park,” Federal Member Hammond said.



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