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Scottish Infrastructure Investment Plan allocates £110m fund for digital public services transformation

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The Scottish Government has released their Infrastructure Investment Plan (IIP) which confirmed an investment plan for the next five years that is targeted towards providing 45,000 jobs, build facilities related to health, education and other significant local ones across Scotland.

The strategy also sets aside £110m to invested in digital public services, as well as £50m inactive freeways and £60m to ensure the trunk road network is adapted to manage the effects of climate change.

The infrastructure plan bears a new definition that adopts the vision of including a digital and social plan like housing.

“ The plan would help Scotland meet its climate ambitions and recover from COVID-19 recession,” Infrastructure Secretary Michael Matheson said.

An additional fund of £2 billion has been added to the plan since the draft version was published last September which included £110 milli

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on for digital public services transformation, £50 million for Active Freeways and £60 million for climate adaptation of the trunk road network.

“Since we published our draft IIP in September, we have received broad support for our world-leading approach and have increased the total spend by £2 billion to further boost our economic and green recovery from the pandemic,” Infrastructure Secretary Michael said.

“Our overall focus is on driving inclusive economic growth, the transition to net zero, and building resilient and sustainable places. This package of significant investment will support economic confidence in every corner of Scotland and send out a clear message that we will continue to do all we can to secure our recovery from coronavirus (COVID-19). In the process we will also be supporting over 45,000 jobs and building a strong future for Scotland,” Infrastructure Secretary Michael said.


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