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Social Media for Gov: Harnessing analytics and campaigns to maximise value through social media

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soc med for gov

Social media has been an increasingly significant platform with the potential to serve reliable information dissemination especially amidst a chaotic setting with this COVID-19 crisis.

With the growing number of Australians turning into social media, there is now an increased focus for the public sector to become more digitally accessible, and transparent to the community.

In order to engage citizens and inform the public, organisations are now focused on driving consumer engagement and effectively informing decision making across Australia.

“2020 has been a year that has challenged social media government organizations all around the world. Australia has been no different. We have to address the devastating bushfires and of course the dreaded COVID-19. It has a significant impact to various aspects of every public organisation. We have recreated social media strategies and think differently and creatively produce content said Wanita Zoghby-Fourie, the main facilitator of the Social Media for Gov Summit Australia and Online Business Academy Founder.

With 8 out of 10 Australians on social media, Wanita said there is now an increased focus on the public sector to be accessible and transparent to the community. In order to engage citizens and inform the public, organisations are now driving consumer engagement and effectively informing decision making across Australia online.

The Social Media for Gov Summit held online last Aug 5 to 7, 2020 explored the most interesting case studies and innovative strategies to make the most of social media success.

With powerful and credible primary speakers and presenters from Australia’s premier social media professionals, the Soc Med for Gov Summit addressed the most pressing challenges confronting various challenges related to uncovered strategies, knowledge and technology to improve the value and influence of social media efforts.

The sheer awareness of significant social roles amidst a crisis is one of the most advantages social media has brought forth.

Coming from recent events, this sense of open and direct communication to politicians, civic leaders and pertinent government agencies substantiated the potentials of social media as a viable means of external and internal communication in the government.

Kelly-Ann Stuart, Senior Social Media Officer Australian Maritime Safety authority talked about the ways in improving social media traction through Facebook Business Manager.  Kelly said that in order for a campaign to be effective, offices should target users who have shown interest.

She suggests building an audience based on custom conversions and engagements so that audiences update automatically and run concurrently.

“Facebook advertising helped the organization achieve better results, research for future campaign success, and buy-in from business areas which proves how the audience will respond. Always maximize your Facebook pixel, understand your goals to determine your campaign objectives. Do not make assumptions about audience behaviours, “said Kelly-Ann.

According to Melissa De Coster Global Head of Content at Shootsta and Josh Laming Business Development Manager at Shootsa, there are two key challenges on how to stand out on social media with video.

The two primary obstacles are how to get the video served or “beat the algorithm” and how to get the video watch or “optimise the watch journey”.  Native content strategy or interaction, and pull strategy through search assures data is searchable through good SEO copies and descriptions do make a difference during the push or strategy feed.

“You need to optimise the watch journey of your audience by keeping the content relevant, grab and keep the attention with the 3- 10-20 rule. It takes 3sec to grab the attention -10sec to set the scene, and -30sec to cover the key message. Get your information straight across and give your audience that call to action line whether it is a link to site or survey,” said Melissa.

Timothy Price Social Media Manager City of Melbourne shared his expertise on how to create engaging social media content for government messages.

He said it’s important to identify the audience and develop an engaging content strategy while building a brand throughout social media content, and turning boring messages into scoring messages.

“Engaging videos tell stories for social media. Try to find multiple elements of the story. Use texts to and highlight the words that people can connect with the story. Develop a recognizable style to highlight fonts, and storytelling stuff will actually work, “said Timothy.

A Google Analytics Masterclass tackled how to address the best practice growth strategies. Ash Rane Principal Analytics Consultant, Data Runs Deep and Former Platform Activation Consultation at Google said that measuring social media traffic can help offices identify which marketing or social media marketing efforts works.

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