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The NSW App Digital photo card trial extended to the suburbs

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After a successful initial trial of the NSW App Digital Photo Card in the Penrith area, the trial is being extended to cover a broader geographical area. Residents of Blacktown and other surrounding suburbs who have a plastic NSW photo card ID can now access a digital version through the Service NSW app.

According to Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello, the Digital Photo Card trial received a 98 percent thumbs up rating from customers.

“We’re pleased to start sharing the convenience of this practical digital innovation with more NSW Photo Card holders. As with the Digital Driver Licence, the Digital Photo Card gives you the convenience of having your ID stored on your phone, meaning it’s never far from your fingertips,” Minister Victor said.

The trial will further test the functionality and effectiveness of the Digital Photo Card ahead of the state-wide rollout.

During the Digital Photo Card trial, plastic Photo Card holders in the trial areas will be able to use their mobile devices to enter licensed venues. They can also us their devices to transact with other businesses who check IDs like licensed venues, major retailers, and pharmacies.

The Digital Photo Card is hosted securely on the Service NSW app, which is locked with a PIN.

The Digital Photo Card builds on the success of the Digital Driver Licence, which is now held by more than 2.5 million licence holders in NSW, representing 46 percent of drivers.

“When a customer is issued their Photo Card or updates their details, they can simply refresh the app to opt-in for a digital card, without having to wait for a plastic card to arrive in the post. The Digital Photo Card remains available offline if the card holder remains logged into the Service NSW app,” Minister Victor said.



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