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Adopting a transformational leadership approach to achieve success in the midst of crisis

The Transformational Leadership: Turning Crisis into Opportunity Masterclass helps makes sense of 2020, taking you on a journey to discovering how and why 2020 is the perfect storm of creative destruction. 

Prior to 2020, many organisations were already struggling with the accelerating speed of change driven by exponential technologies, increasing competition, ever increasing complexity of regulations and compliance, and the rising expectations of society – and then 2020 made it really complicated. 

2020 is now a time when many companies will cease to exist, and many people will lose their old jobs. But it is also a time, when many new businesses and jobs will be created, and some existing companies will adapt and grow even faster than before. 

Some leaders and companies are already exhibiting strong survival and growth characteristics and are adapting to the new realities of a post crisis world. 

The Transformational Leadership: Turning Crisis into Opportunity has been designed to help you understand how your organisation, and you as a leader can turn this crisis into opportunity by adoption a transformational mindset. 

Key Outcomes

An understanding of how some leaders and companies are driving survival and growth, and which of these lessons could apply to your company and your job

Methods for turning crisis into opportunity and accelerating individual and organisational transformation and growth

Approaches for improving the agility, creativity and fitness of your organisation and ensure that you are best positioned for navigating current circumstances while driving future growth

Guidance on how to embark on this journey now, virtually and digitally, and no matter where your people are located

Trainer Profile

Laurence Smith

Chartered Fellow CIPD

Thought Leader in Digital Mindset & Transformation

Laurence is author of the multiple #1best selling book ‘Transformation Mindset: 10 Things Leaders should be doing today to turn Crisis into Opportunity.’  
He was most recently the Chief People Officer (CHRO) of the world’s first pure play universal digital bank, soon to launch in Dubai, UAE. In this role, Laurence worked with the CEO, CTO & Chief Data Officer to completely re-think how a data first digital bank operates, and the implications for organisation design, staffing & capabilities. The challenge was to create an innovative FinTech culture that is 100% compliant to today’s Central Bank regulations, while also innovating into the future.  
Prior to this, Laurence worked on and advised various Digital Transformation projects across Asia, and also contributed to the design and setup of national Digital ‘Future Skills’ initiatives in Singapore and Thailand. He was also on the Digital Advisory Board of Danone Asia.  
Previously Laurence was Managing Director Human Resources and Group Head of Learning & Talent Development at DBS Bank in Singapore. He is most recognised for his work with the CEO on defining the Bank’s Purpose to ‘make Banking Joyful’ and the innovative & award winning #DBSHackathon series. The overall Digital Mindset initiative & associated hackathon series was credited with helping develop the innovation culture that led to DBS being recognised as the ‘World’s Best Digital Bank’ in 2016 and 2018. Laurence personally received the CEO’s Asian Banking Innovation Award for this work.  
In recognition of his thought leadership and contribution to the field of HR, Laurence was in 2019 recognised as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development.  
A British national, Laurence has previously held senior roles as global Chief Learning Officer at LG Electronics in Seoul, APAC Head of Learning & Development for GE Money in Tokyo, & with the Organisation Design Practice at McKinsey in Boston.  
He has spent over 20 years in Asia and holds an MSc in Organisation Design & Knowledge Management from the US.

Who Should Attend

Leaders of: 
Learning and Development
Talent Management


9:30am: Masterclass Commences
4:30pm: End of Day One
Each day the facilitator will assign time for a morning, lunch and afternoon break.

Session One: Turning Crisis into Opportunity – New Thinking for the New World

For many organisations, 2019 was a year of digital transformation. 2020 is a perfect storm of accelerated creative destruction, and suddenly digital transformation is not just a priority but a necessity for survival. In this session, learn how to:

• Understand and recognise the forces of disruption and change and to shift from a crisis to an opportunity focus

• Reinforce the sense of purpose, values and culture in your organisation, even if everyone is working from home or geographically dispersed

• Explore new ways of employee engagement, understand the power of transparency and trust in igniting commitment, innovation and productivity

Session Two: Developing the New Organisational and Leadership Capabilities

Whether you believe this is the ‘Big Reset’ or we are approaching a ‘New Normal’ some aspects of work, organisations and leadership have changed for ever. In this session you will learn:

• Learn how some of the world’s leading organisations are deploying virtual open innovation and leveraging the gig economy to innovate faster

• Examine the 6Ds Framework to understand the impact of exponential technologies and the opportunities for your business

• Learn how to create virtual teams to run real time experiments get deep learning on exponential technologies, innovate and solve real business problems

• Learn how to use LSE cycles (Learn, Share, Experiment) to learn about exponential technologies, solve customer problems, drive digital mindset and create an innovation culture

9:30am: Masterclass Commences

Each day the facilitator will assign time for a morning, lunch and afternoon break.

Session One: Developing a Digital Mindset and Innovation Culture

DBS Bank in Singapore is one of the most recognised and profitable organisations in South East Asia. It has twice won the ‘World’s Best Digital Bank’ and has now been rated as the ‘World’s Best Bank’ for an unprecedented three consecutive years. In this session you will learn:

• The digital transformation secrets of DBS Bank, from CEO sponsorship and getting stakeholders aligned and engaged, to creating a critical mass of digital change champions

• How DBS was the first organisation in the world to bring together employees and start-up entrepreneurs to solve real customer problems, create prototypes in digital mindset hackathons and how you too can do this even virtually

• How to create a shared language on digital mindset, a start-up culture of experimentation, make every employee confident in the digital world and create your own digital mindset plan for your business.

Session Two: Playing to Win in the New Digital World

A digital and transformation mindset can dramatically accelerate the agility and adaptability of a workforce and transform your business. In this session you will learn how to:

• Creating your own digital advisory board, either for your business, team or yourself

• Getting HR involved, committed and enabled to help drive the digital transformation

• Building your own transformation and digital mindset development plan


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