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Victorian Government improves internet connection for local businesses

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Victorian Government improves internet connection for local businesses

The Victorian Government has struck a landmark deal with NBN Co on improving internet connections in 120 locations across the state. 

As part of the agreement, the state government has invested $73 million through the Connecting Victoria program to deliver broadband upgrades across Victoria over the next two years. 

With the plan of upgrading broadband connections fully underway, thousands of Victorian businesses can expect to have better internet connections in the near future, allowing them to have an easier time when handling large files, video conferences and capture real-time data. 

“Improving internet connections around the state will allow businesses to expand, do things differently and employ more people,” Minister for Innovation, Medical Research and the Digital Economy Jaala Pulford said. 

“This will give regional businesses the opportunity to connect to high-speed and high-capacity Enterprise Ethernet at no upfront cost – on par with what’s on offer in Melbourne’s CBD.” 

The first round of broadband upgrades is expected to provide a faster and more reliable internet connection to over 10,000 Victorian businesses in 12 different locations. 

In order to improve the state’s internet connections, NBN Co will be building infrastructure for improved fibre connections free of charge. Local businesses are only required to pay to connect to the service. 

Currently, businesses are required to pay for the building of the fibre alongside the contract if they want a fibre connection. The Victorian Government will now be removing this requirement by subsiding the infrastructure. Not only will this minimise costs for businesses but it will also leave them to pay only for their internet plan. 

Aside from this, the improved internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second and NBN Co’s 24/7 support services will further encourage businesses to move more of their operations online. 

“We are delighted to work with the Victorian Government to identify opportunities to co-invest in the development and delivery of new NBN infrastructure to support small and medium businesses,” NBN CEO Stephen Rue said.

Businesses within the twelve towns and sites who will first receive the upgrades can contact their internet provider to order the new connections by September 1. 

The deal between the Victorian Government and NBN Co is the first of many broadband improvements that will be delivered under the Connecting Victoria program.

The program has invested $250 million to improve broadband so far, and is currently calling for community feedback on places where better broadband and mobile connectivity is most needed. 



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