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WA Government assists small businesses after three-day lockdown

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The three-day lockdown of Perth and Peel has affected small businesses, prompting the WA Government to announce the Small Business Lockdown Assistance Grants. 

WA Small Business Commissioner David Eaton said “We all recognize the need for swift action to protect the health of our community. However, there is no doubt that the lockdowns and ongoing restrictions have had a disruptive impact on small business operators. 

With the Small Business Lockdown Assistance Grants, businesses that were severely impacted by the three-day lockdown will be given $2,000. The grants will offset some of the direct costs of the lockdown and business closure such as loss of perishable goods. 

The WA Government will work closely with the Minister for Small Business and the Department of Treasury in finalising the detail of these payments in order to roll them out as soon as possible.  

Businesses are encouraged to apply for the grants via an online application process. While the eligibility criteria will still be published by the Small Business Development Corporation, the program is generally intended for the small businesses within the industry sector that are most affected by the long weekend lockdown. 

I want to acknowledge that the grant payment will not reflect the full extent of the impact of the closure and that all businesses that have in some way been affected, may not be eligible for financial assistance. Please understand that we will do our best to offer support through any means we have, including our free advisory service which you can access online or on our number,” Commissioner Eaton said. 

The Small Business Lockdown Assistance Grants are just one of the Government’s measures to support small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also the current measure of financial aid for businesses in the region after the lockdown over the Anzac weekend.   


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