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What is a mentally healthy workplace?

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The mental state and health of workers are essential as their safety while in the workplace area. Gone are the days when a mental health concern in the workplace is deemed irrelevant and insignificant. This has become one of the pillars of organizational success.

Approximately 45 percent of Australians will experience a mental health condition during their lifetime. These conditions tend to occur and affect the individuals during the prime working years. Every workplace should promote and observe a culture of good mental and psychological health.

Employees want to be part of a mentally healthy workplace. There is a sense of openness, communication and mutual respect within the organization. Plus, there is this significant attribute of genuine support and unparalleled flexibility between an employee and a manager.

One of the factors that affect the development and existence of a mentally healthy workplace is through the involvement and effort of the top executives.

For business owners, investing in ways to promote good mental health in the workplace can significantly influence productivity and profitability. When a business aspires for a mentally healthy workplace, it is safe to say that a sound and a sensible business decision is being made.

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The advantages of a mentally healthy workplace are quite evident in myriad aspects and levels. These are encouraging places where everyone feels valued, supported, and inspired to do their work whether or not they are afflicted with mental and or health conditions.

The benefits of a mentally healthy workplace may include the following:

  • improved staff engagement and morale and interpersonal relationships among employees
    resulting in fewer dispute, conflicts, and complaints
  • improved profitability and productivity
  • retain experience and valuable skills avoiding the cost of retraining and recruiting new employees
  • decreased staff turnover ensuring legal and ethical obligations are fulfilled to promote health and safety in the workplace views diversity as an advantage

A mentally healthy workplace is geared towards creating positive aspects of the environment and taking the necessary steps to reduce the risk of stress. There should be a long -term commitment in creating a workspace where everyone from the individual to the organizational level feels supported, respected, and appreciated. It will bring forth the rise in staff loyalty, morale, profits, and productivity.

Transcending the challenges and obstacles as a team puts the entire organization from a stronger standpoint.

Mental health and building resilience are some of the best ways to survive this post-pandemic global economic downturn.


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