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Wirraka Maya Health Service improves patient care with My Health Record

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An Aboriginal community health service in Western Australia has improved their healthcare for local patients with the use of My Health Record. 

Wirraka Maya Health Service’s Senior Medical Officer Dr Yolande Knight said they rely on My Health Record to keep them updated on patient pathology, imaging, medication, dispensing and history records. 

“We find it helpful because a lot of our patients are transient, moving from one region to another, so it can be difficult to get their comprehensive files.” Dr Knight said. 

“We can see what other doctors have requested and performed, overcoming the delays waiting for records requested from other practices and providers. Equally, we can upload and share what we’ve done, so when the patient attends elsewhere, their record is current and available to other practitioners.  

The Wirraka Maya Health Service uploaded the ninth highest number of Shared Health Summaries in Western Australia. Also, the health service has viewed more uploaded documents than any other primary care provider in Western Australia.

With these, the health service’s patients can use the Shared Health Summaries and prescription information uploaded by Wirraka Maya as proof of any underlying health conditions to obtain an early Covid-19 vaccination. 

Wirraka Maya Health Service originated from the efforts of Aboriginal people to establish a health service to address the unmet needs of Aboriginal people. The service now has more than 7,000 residents registered and actively engaged in wellbeing, primary care, and prevention programs across the region.  

Australian Digital Health Agency Consumer Advocate, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Champion and Co-Chair of the Agency’s Reconciliation Working Group and national Medicines Safety Program, Steve Renouf, congratulated Wirraka Maya for its commitment to digital health. 

“It’s great to see an Aboriginal-controlled health service leading the way in achieving outstanding results in the use of digital technology,” he said. “This commitment to digital service delivery will continue to enhance clinical outcomes in local communities and help breach the digital divide that can disadvantage remote patients.” 

WA Primary Health Alliance General Manager, Primary Care Innovation and Development, Bernadette Kenny, said “This is the result of the whole team at Wirraka Maya working together and understanding the real benefits to their community when it comes to utilising the digital health services available to them.  Their exemplary use of My Health Record ensures their clients are supported throughout their health journey both in the Pilbara and beyond by providing vital clinical information at a time when it is most needed.” 


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