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Young Australians discover space career with Australian Space Discovery Centre

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Discovery Centre

Young Australians can now pursue a space career with the launch of the Australian Space Discovery Centre in Adelaide this year.

The Australian Space Discovery Centre was officially unveiled in March 2021. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who present at the event, said the facility will be the number one place to visit for those interested in Australia’s space industry.

The Australian Space Discovery Centre was built with the goal of inspiring the next generation of Australians who wish to be a part of the space workforce. To invoke such inspiration, the facility hosts the following:

  • a Careers Hub showcasing job opportunities in the local space industry
  • an operational Mission Control Centre, viewable through a theatrette for live space events, guest speakers and opportunities to engage with space experts
  • a space exhibition featuring hands-on experiences and information on Australia’s growing space sector
  • information on STEM education options for young people to explore pathways for a future in space

But the Australian Space Discovery Centre isn’t just for starry-eyed future cosmonauts. In fact, the Discovery Centre is also an investment to Australia’s future – especially when it comes to future jobs in space and other related industries.

“Careers in space aren’t all about being an astronaut. From manufacturing, to engineering, space medicine, geology, AI and computing, there are thousands of opportunities being created in this rapidly-growing sector – and we want to inspire the next generation to consider one of these exciting jobs,” Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Christian Porter said.

The Discovery Centre is the centrepiece of the government’s desire to ignite the youth’s curiosity and promote the benefits of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In fact, the Morrison Government invested over $700 million into the space sector with the goal of tripling the sector’s size to $12 billion and create an extra 20,000 jobs by 2030.

Located in Lot Fourteen on North Terrace, the Discovery Centre is set to be the go-to destination for people who want to be a part of Australia’s space story. It is expected to open to the general public by May of this year.


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