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Personal Development

Your ‘Point of Difference’​ is YOU!


How many times have you been asked that famous question – What is your point of difference?

Wikipedia says, “Point of difference refers to the factors of products or services that establish differentiation.”

I don’t buy into this traditional view! Products or services are generally easily replicated. If you have the time, money and inclination to replicate the product or service that a competitor is offering. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

The reality is, the traditional view (as per Wikipedia’s definition) of your ‘point of difference’ can be replicated.

What can’t be replicated is YOU!

For my business, I am very comfortable saying that my point of difference is ME!

Nobody has the same experience or perspective on my experience as I do.

Nobody facilitates teams the way I do.

Nobody has the same perspective on information as I do.

Nobody has the same thoughts about how to get groups of people working together as a team as I do.

Nobody reads people and behaviours the way I do.

Nobody develops and maintains relationships the way I do.

This is not being egotistical. It is simply saying I am unique. Every single person on the planet is unique.

Does that then mean, the question of ‘what is your point of difference? is now a rhetorical question?

Don’t strive for originality, just be yourself!