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Who we are?

Public Spectrum is the first knowledge sharing platform in Australia to embrace the entire public sector. It’s your opportunity to connect, collaborate, empower, inspire and upskill. It’s your calling to become a thought leader, to share your knowledge and craft your own experience that will shape your public sector career. With a fierce passion to ignite the sector, we are here.

There’s more than one way to look at the world. Public Spectrum shares the full spectrum of opinions perspectives and solutions. By uniting public sector individuals, departments and organisations, we connect them with the content, events and people they need to meet their goals.

Public Spectrum is for everyone – not just the c suite. It was created to connect, inspire and empower, involved professionals to enable growth and development within the Public Sector. We want to generate and maintain active community of learning by making information accessible to everyone.

We want to be the hub for government, a virtual Parliament House open for all levels of the sector. We see ourselves as the go-to source for all things related to the public sector, whether that means new ideas, experiences, wins or losses, or insights and strategies.

What can you expect?

  • A platform for networking, knowledge exchange and professional development
  • Content crafted by the sector for the sector
  • Public sector specific networking opportunities and events
  • Dedicated learning categories to upscale your career trajectory
  • A directory of only tried and tested vendors

About Our Live Experiences

This is where the content comes to you! Through live experiences, you get to meet the experts behind the content and engage in face-to-face networkers and live learning with a party or two thrown in for good measure.

About Akolade

Born from the passion to transcend sector boundaries and deliver ground-breaking disruption, Akolade strives to revolutionise the business success of our partners and customers.

We don’t believe ‘because it’s always been that way’ is any reason to resist innovation and deny the opportunities collaboration has to offer. We thrive on the vibrancy and the unique energies of leading individuals, organizations and sectors as a whole.

We prioritize trust with all our stakeholders, the highest quality of content, integrity in supporting ethical behavior and, above all, fulfilling our role as the platform to enable our customers to reach their business goals.

We are Akolade.Co

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