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Domenica Decrea author

Domenica DeCrea is a senior event and content producer with 10 years’ experience working in B2B media and communications across Australia and Asia. She designs and curates’ content and media to help professionals gain insights on the innovative and disruptive trends that are shaping their roles and impacting their industries. Her expertise is collaborating with industry to co-create learning content and experiences that provide linkages to innovation, ideas and disruption to help them up-skill and improve their commercial outcomes. She has a passion for platforming how new technologies will continue to enhance our lives and the way we work, and how disruption will continue to challenge us to rethink and redesign the world we live in. Domenica is also passionate about using Technology and Business as a force for good, and is the co-founder of Telelay, an early stage start-up on a mission to provide first time telecommunication access to 170 Million Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals across Asia.

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