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Cybersecurity Learning

Cyber Security — A growing need in Australia’s public sector

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Cyber-attacks, fraud, and data breaches can disrupt, or worse, shut down entire government functions. This includes services provided to the public, government finances, and security of confidential information. Millions of dollars in damages are at stake should any government organisation or department become compromised. 

The entire Public Sector is embracing new technology and pushing for change to stay guarded against new risks and challenges brought about by the new era of cyber threats. The government is very active on its drive to reduce these threats and lessen security risks that can affect overall operations.  

 How the Government Acts 

The government was able to lay down its plan of action for the country’s cybersecurity need. These are divided into five themes: national cyber partnership, strong cyber defenses, global responsibility and influence, growth and innovation, and cyber smart nation. 

For the past three years, the strategies mentioned are being strongly implemented as it is currently delivering to improve all of Australia’s online dealings. This leads to strong growth in the government’s cyber activities, reducing fraud risks and possible threats. 

More Solutions for the Sector 

The country saw an increase in cybersecurity solutions brought about by companies working closely with the Public Sector. Various organizations from different industries also continue to work together to inform, influence, and equip these government departments and agencies with proper knowledge in cybersecurity, leading to a smarter cybernation. 

However, the work does not stop there. More solutions are being offered as new threats are emerging everyday challenging both the private and public sectors in Australia. All professionals working for the sector need continuous training to be well informed so that they know how to act properly in cases of cyber-attacks and online fraud.  

The public needs to be continuously aware of the possible and growing risks and educate themselves with safety online. Australian citizens have seen their fair share of simple forms of fraud and phishing attacks on emails to gain financial information. While most digital tools have extra precautions in place to avoid these situations, users still need to be vigilant.  

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