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Australian government investing in cybersecurity measures

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The government, for the past years, has been heavily investing in cybersecurity measures. This comes after the digitalisation of almost everything and the online community is being more prone to various forms of fraud and online scam. The government is no exemption to this.

Most of the countries digital infrastructure is made possible by private companies or the private sector. In terms of cybersecurity, the responsibility is shared both by private and public sectors.

There are various steps and measures that are being implemented to give the government and the public great amount of digital protection. Indeed, national security needs a huge amount of protection from cyber threats that are growing and becoming more complex and complicated each day.

At present, the cybersecurity initiatives of the government include the following:

• National cyber partnership

• Strong cyber defenses

• Global responsibility and influence

• Growth and innovation

• A cyber smart nation

The initiatives mentioned above have been on the works and are being reviewed annually. Next year, 2020, on its fourth year of implementation, the initiatives or strategies will be evaluated and updated. And in line with this, the government also works to continuously inform and encourage individuals to do their part to make the country’s cybersecurity measures well regulated and to help make the country a top and trusted place to do business.

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet is the agency responsible for the national cybersecurity policy. The strategies were drawn from the review made possible by the agency.

As the whole, the government, the business communities, and individuals are expected to work together towards a stronger and more secure cyber environment for Australians. The ultimate goal is for each citizen to have a strong cybersecurity skill in order to thrive in the ever-evolving digital world.

With this, the Australian cybersecurity environment is seeing a brighter future ahead!