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How effective is social media in the public sector

Akina Pagaduan
2 min read

Social media has changed the way information is distributed in the public. At present, it is undeniably the most influential platform that everyone can use freely to inform and to engage. 

The government is Australia’s largest sector. The sector, along with its various communication channels, aims to provide the public with updates and latest information on the government, the industries under it, policy updates and objectives, and tan open platform that the general public can reach to, whenever needed. 

Social media has greatly shaped the way the public sector engaged with the public. An innovative game-changer, the public, through the platform, can directly engage in direct dialogue with the many agencies both in the federal and state government as well as political leaders. The social media platform is also a great tool for the sector to engage back.  

What then are the benefits of using social media in the public sector? There are a lot. But the most important is that it helps build public trust and it is very cost-effective. 

Social Media in Building Public Trust 

The public demands transparency and no matter how good your industry is, it still needs the approval of the public. By making your department more accessible through various social media channels, you can gain trust and respect. 

What is the latest news about the sector? Are there new programs? How about a crisis? Do you have events laid out for the public?  Through social media, all this information can reach a lot of people effectively.  

 Social Media Being Cost-Effective for the Government 

The digital world is continuously evolving. In the government before, it was perceived as a tool to provide the public with e-services and information being shared via useful links was more upfront and formal. 

Today, social media is more approachable and easy to access. Everyone can have access to the internet through their smartphones. Information dissemination is easier now that before. The government needs not to pay millions of dollars in public relations and outreach. Various social media platforms can become a free tool to raise awareness and get the public involved.  

As a whole, social media platforms serve as effective tools for the government to send the message across to the public. Building followers, being active and engaging effectively are some things that the government and the agencies must strive further. These virtual tools are helpful not just today but in the years to come. Social media is present and the future of the new media.  

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