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Hospitality job seekers receive help through Local Recovery Fund

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hospitality job seekers

Hospitality job seekers in New South Wales’s Hunter region will now be able to find work for themselves as the Australian Government provides a $95,000 investment to the Local Recovery Fund. 

The Local Recovery Fund is a part of the Government’s Local Jobs Program and is responsible for providing funds to local employment projects.

The ‘Jobs in the Valley & Vines: Transforming Lives’, a hospitality mentoring and employment project, will be run under the $95,000 investment. The project is said to be handled by the Smart Training and Consulting Group in the Hunter region. 

Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business Stuart Robert said the project will deliver a six-week non-accredited training program for up to 30 participants. It will also include a 30-hour work placement to secure work for hospitality job seekers within the Hunter Valley. 

“We want to see as many job seekers as possible in the Hunter upskill and reskill, using solutions developed by our local community,” Minister Robert said.

The hospitality mentoring and employment project is part of the first release of 15 local employment projects funded under the Local Jobs program. These 15 projects are locally driven and tailor-made to their location in order to address the workforce priorities of each region. 

These region-specific projects are the result of collaboration between Employment Facilitators and their Local Jobs and Skills Taskforces. 

The Government is currently supporting local communities through the Local Recovery Fund to help people find work while meeting local employer demand.

The Local Jobs Program is currently being expanded and extended by the Government as part of the 2021-22 Federal Budget, covering 51 Employment Regions across Australia. The Government is also establishing a National Priority Funding Pool of $50 million for the next four years. 

Minister Robert said organisations who would like to take part in the Local Recovery Fund should talk to their local Employment Facilitator and Taskforces in their Employment Regions. 


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