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Location technology now accessible for all Triple Zero callers

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Location technology now accessible for all Triple Zero callers

The nationwide rollout of the Advanced Mobile Location is now complete, giving all Android and iPhone users access to lifesaving location technology. 

Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts Paul Fletcher is encouraging Australians to update their mobile phones with the latest software in order to fully activate the location technology. 

“Time is critical when you are in a life or death situation—that is why Advanced Mobile Location technology is so important,” Minister Fletcher said.

“It allows Triple Zero to send you help as quickly as possible.” 

Triple Zero receives up to 27,000 calls nationally each day, with around 78 per cent of these calls originating from a mobile phone. By rolling out the technology nationwide, emergency services can receive critical and accurate location data in all places no matter what kind of phone the caller is using. 

The Advanced Mobile Location is stated to work automatically with Android phones version 4.1 or higher with Google Play Services installed. However, iPhone users are advised to have their devices running under iOS 14.3 or higher in order to have access to this emergency service. 

Telstra is responsible for the operation of Triple Zero. The company has been working with Apple and Google in testing the location technology for iPhone and Android devices.

Telstra has also been working with the mobile carriers and emergency service organisations in each State and Territory to ensure the delivery of the Advanced Mobile Location. 

The Advanced Mobile Location is a software that assists emergency services such as firefighters, police or ambulance in pinpointing the exact geolocation of Triple Zero callers. The technology allows mobile phones to send precise location coordinates to a dedicated end-point when a call to Triple Zero is made. 

The technology has already been used in South Australia when emergency services located two kayakers caught in strong winds three kilometres offshore.



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