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Australia’s private sector vs public sector

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The private sector and public sectors both have great opportunities although they have their differences in terms of the practices, system, and culture. Both sectors also have different sets of training and benefits so it’s important to know what kind of sector will suit you best as a professional seeking a job.

Is a public service job for you?

Australia’s population continues to increase every year and with that, opportunities in each sector also increases. But job growth is more evident in public sectors rather than in private sectors. Remember that the public sector is huge with over 2 million professionals employed for various departments and agencies in the Federal, Commonwealth, and State level and there are a lot of opportunities present. Plus, more and more passionate individuals are aiming to work for public service.

When it comes to compensation, it is generally more competitive in the private sector rather than the public sector. There are times that they’re almost the same, but when it comes to benefits, bonuses, and rewards for their employees, the private sector has the advantage.

Training opportunities and career growth, however, are more prominent in the public sector. And in the long run, this will benefit individuals who have a target career path.

Notable differences between the sector

You can expect longer working hours in private sectors than in public sectors. If you are the kind of person who wants to achieve a work and life balance, a job in the public sector is more recommended. The public sector has a shorter work week for employees and are very flexible when it comes to working time.

There are also a lot of differences in the public sector private sector when it comes to training opportunities. While there are more employee development activities in the private sector, the public sector offers far more opportunities for career growth and has a lot of support programs for employees.

But for individuals who want to build a career and excel in the private sector, corporate ambitions might be a key factor. For those who want to work in the government, however, serving the population and providing good services is the driving force.

Whatever it is, remember that there are advantages and disadvantages to working in both the public and the private sector. Weight in your choices and see what fits you best.

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