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What does it mean to have a sustainable procurement in the government?

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The Australian government has been working to improve its environmental sustainability efforts in each of its agencies, arms, and departments. Through proper training and more efficient means of communication, people working for the government can have access to the best practices and techniques on environmental management which will be beneficial for all the citizens in the country.

Just last year, the Australian Government’s Sustainable Procurement Guide was revised in 2018 to work in alignment with the development of the 2018 National Waste Policy: Less waste, more resources.

The 2018 National Waste Policy calls for collective action by the government, the communities, businesses, and individuals to work on and improve the countries waste management system. This also promotes the adaptation of sustainable procurement practices in each of its daily operations.

Through sustainable procurement, the cost is not the only thing that matters. It looks beyond the usual norms and make decision of purchase based on the life cycle of good and services, taking into consideration the environmental and social benefits and impact.

Sustainable procurement sure has its guidelines as drafted by the government. But, the most important thing here is, keeping all professionals working in the government informed on how this practice can impact the environment and society. It is about being mindful with the daily operations.

Sustainability is not just a work for the current generation. It is a step by step process so that the future generation can still enjoy the remaining resources we currently have.

The sustainable procurement effort of the government has, no doubt, the most positive environmental and social impact.

Procurement in the government touches everything — from dealing with suppliers, buying products, consultancy services, and a lot more that involves getting a product or service. Adapting to a more sustainable production practices and promoting sustainable consumption is truly a good step led by the government in promoting a more aware and responsible nation.