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The Australian Business Community on the use of social media 

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The Australian government has been working hand in hand with the Australian business community for progress and for ease of use in al government related works. 

As a matter of fact, the government has an online resource, business.gov.au, that offers a simple way for businesses to access government information, forms and services, and other assistance that a business might need.  

The platform provides various tools and resources useful for business from planning to execution. Regular newsletters and content are being sent as well that will benefit most businesses doing business with the government and within Australia as a whole. 

The platform also relies heavily on social media in terms of helping the Australian Business Community. It affirms the role of social media as an effective tool in reaching the right people and building engagement.  

The platform boasts of high web traffic and social media followings to increase reach to business. It publishes content that helps business owners to plan and grow business in Australia, meet government law requirements, have access on government forms, and learn first hand of changes in business or industry from the government. The content usually comes from federal, state, territory, and local government agencies in Australia dealing with businesses, non-profit organisation, and government-funded agencies 

 The purpose of social media for this matter is to target or reach current business owners, people who want to start a business in Australia, and people who provide services to businesses in Australia. 

According to the organisation, social media helps a lot in terms of reaching most of the Australian business community and interact with customers doing business with the community. Social media, after all, is free for all and engagement is really possible. The use of social media by business.gov.au also connect various government department responsible for business organisations and it encourages peer-to-peer business support. 

The digital transformation brought about the use of social media which is a highly effective mean of communication. The government has learned to embrace it to work for its benefits as most of its agencies and departments has its own social media handles. It is working quite well in terms of information dissemination and reaching the right people.  

And just like with other government agencies, the social media has been proven to be beneficial for the goverment in terms of dealing with business owners in Australia. It has so far been a good source of information needed in putting up and maintaining a business.  

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